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25 July 2008 @ 08:51 pm
Delayed June 30th RP!!  
~delayed June 30th celebration~

starring :
Tsuchiya Yuuichi by scratchbook
Nagayama Takashi by tonomurajiro

setting :

timeline :
June 30th & July 1st, 2008

June 30th, 00.05 AM

To : Yuuichi
From : Takashi
Subject : Mou~

It's already pass midnight! You really let me down, Yuuichi *pouts* I was hoping that you'd call or send me a message when the clock strucked 00.00 AM. But I guess you're already asleep now. Shikatanai naa... You're lucky that I love you so much.

Anyway. Kime recommend this fancy restaurant that just open in Shibuya. He happens to know the owner and he said that he can easily hook us a table for today. So, let me know if you have some spare time today, okay?

Reply me ASAP! Or call me, for pete's sake. Calling won't hurt you.

Happy Anniversary!



June 30th, 02.17 AM

To : Takashi
From : Yuuichi
Subject : Uhh...

Sorry, I didn't hear when your email arrived. I was asleep. Isn't that obvious? What are you doing up at this hour? Don't you have rehearsal early tomorrow? ...Wait, it's already tomorrow, huh? I don't know. I can't think. I just woke up to take a leak.



June 30th, 02.22 AM

To : Takashi
From : Yuuichi
Subject : Huh?

Did you say something about restaurant? ...Why? Whose birthday am I forgetting?


June 30th, 02.24 AM

To : Takashi
From : Yuuichi
Subject : Happy Anniversary!

I just figured it out. Sorry. Won't remember where I put my head next. Happy anniversary, Takashi! Or should I say, Kikumaru? The first time I saw you, you were Kikumaru after all.

Ooishi here is still happy that you're still around.


June 30th, 06.17 AM

To : Yuuichi
From : Takashi
Subject : Were you drunk?

You know, reading your lovely messages right after I woke up is a good anniversary gift. Waaaaaay much better than any diamonds or whatever out there. *sniggers*

What the hell were you drinking last night, huh?


June 30th, 06.33 AM

To : Yuuichi
From : Takashi
Subject : Kiku-chan is happy too

You'll be damned if you're not happy because I'm still around. Hehehe, kidding. Of course I'm happy too. I hope The Golden Pair in us will be shining brighter ^_~

I don't have rehearsal today but I have Sunshine Days DVD event to attend to. Maybe I'll practice my line with Daizo-kun after that. Poor kid, he keeps on forgeting his part.

Ne, try to ask Daiki-chan if he would be a kind soul and let you go during lunch? I know it must be going to be hectic, but...

I love you


June 30th, 07:15 AM

To : Takashi
From : Yuuichi
Subject : You cheeky bastard

What's with the attitude? You should be glad I weren't there with you.

The Golden Pair will outshine all. People should just wait and see. Even brighter than my forehead! If only that was possible.

I could try persuading Daiki, or even go as far as beg (oh, he would love that now, wouldn't he?). But I doubt that it'd be any use. Tomorrow is the big event and since we didn't have that much time to prepare for it, we should use every chance we have.

That's what Daiki said. I'm all for having lunch with you, though.


June 30th, 08.20 AM

To : Yuuichi
From : Takashi
Subject : Shikatanai naa...

*sighs* Well, I guess I can do nothing about it, then... But let me know if you can sneak out, okay? Even if it's just for coffee. Today's a big event for us, after all.

Have you have breakfast? Don't overdo yourself, okay? And don't forget your Oronamin C.


June 30th, 08:35 AM

To : Takashi
From : Yuuichi
Subject : Omurice

This is my breakfast. I'm eating it now. I tried the demiglass sauce Yumiko sent. It tastes even better than ketchup. Which is a nice surprise. You know how I am with omurice and ketchup.

What did you have for breakfast?


June 30th, 08.37 AM

To : Yuuichi
From : Takashi
Subject : Club sandwich

I'm at the Starbucks having coffee and some club sandwich. I think I'll get another serving because I'm so hungry. I didn't have dinner last night.

Mou. I wish you were here to make some sandwich for me instead. And I miss your omu rice.

What time is rehearsal?


June 30th, 08:38 AM

To : Takashi
From : Yuuichi
Subject : Miss me?

Come and get it, then. There's still plenty of sauce. God, this is fucking good.

Now you make me crave some fries instead. Damn. Will look for fries for lunch. If I can't leave rehearsal, why don't you come over? If you do, bring some fries with you.


June 30th, 08.54 AM

To : Yuuichi
From : Takashi
Subject : Meany!

No, I don't miss you and I hope you trip yourself in rehearsal or something. Mou, stop teasing me *pouts pouts*

Hm, do you think Daiki-chan will let anyone come by to the hall? Everything is a surprise, I take it?

Oh, got to go.


June 30th, 08:53 AM

To : Takashi
From : Yuuichi
Subject : Sulking again?

What if I actually trip in rehearsal and injure myself? You'll be responsible for ruining the big event. Get ready to taste the fear of Leader-chan. He'll run you over with Moriyama-san-gou or something.

Why don't you try asking him. You're pretty enough. I'm sure you'll be able to soften him. Don't forget the fries.


June 30th, 01.10 PM

To : Yuuichi
From : Takashi
Subject : Are?

I just read your email >_< Gomen, they invited me to have lunch together after the event and I couldn't refuse and I forgot that I turned off my cell phone.

Mou. I think you're already back to rehearsal? Leave me a message if you have a break so I can call you, okay?

Hey, I saw this really cute dolls with HUGE forehead. Kinda remind me of you ^_~ Want me to buy it for you? :D

Miss you.


June 30th, 01:59 PM

To : Takashi
From : Yuuichi
Subject : Geez...

Figures why you didn't pick up my calls. Yeah, I'm back in rehearsal, though is it also a rehearsal when all we do is ride around the stage on Moriyama-san-gou? But it's really fun! We also make up stupid lines like, "hey, Moriyama, I think you need to oil your joints" or "geez, Moriyama, your pedal is easy to step on".

Eiji isn't amused.

Why would I need a doll to remind myself that I have a huge forehead?


June 30th, 02.10 P.M

To : Yuuichi
From : Takashi
Subject : *laughs*

Well, it's more for me, I guess :))

Not fair. You have so much fun there. Daizo-kun is cute and fun too. But I just want to meet you now *pouts*

Can I call you now?


June 30th, 02:11 PM

To : Takashi
From : Yuuichi
Subject : Sure!

Go ahead.


*Yuuichi's cellphone rings*

Yuuichi : *flips open his cellphone* Takashi~?
Takashi : No, I'm your mother.
Yuuichi : Haha. Hillarious.
Takashi : Don't I have a special tone in your phone?
Takashi : Are you having a break now?
Yuuichi : Of course you have a special tone in my cell. It's still the same one you set up yourself years ago *rolls his eyes as he quietly sneaks out to the backstage area*
Yuuichi : Un, un, those bastards are still fooling around with Daiki-chan's bike *chuckles*
Takashi : *chuckles* You think I should by a yellow one too and named it "dekobaka" or something like that? *smiles teasingly even though he knows Yuuichi can't see him*
Takashi : That would be a very nice anniversary present, you know *grins*
Yuuichi : A yellow bike for you? *laughs* I don't think your manager would allow you to ride it anywhere but in your apartment~
Takashi : He can't forbid me of buying a bike. Even the office won't understand and back him up for forbidding a bike *laughs*
Yuuichi : But what's the point of buying a bike? You don't really ride bikes anywhere *grins*
Takashi : Baka. It's not about riding it anywhere. I'm sure Daiki-chan and Eiji-san understand this too. It's not like Daiki-chan ride Moriyama-san-gou anywhere *pouts*
Yuuichi : But he does. When he's going to the conbini and stuff.
Yuuichi : Anniversary presents, huh... that sounds like a good idea. So, what do you want?
Takashi : *purses lips* Hmm... I don't know... What do you want?
Yuuichi : *chuckles* Well, if it's for me... I want you in my bed tonight. Butt-naked. And tied.
Takashi : *rolls eyes* Beside that!
Takashi ... *chuckles* pervert
Takashi : *leans against a wall* Ne, really. Tell me what do you want.
Yuuichi : Didn't you hear me the first time? *grins*
Yuuichi : That's still my most wanted item of all time, you know... *sits on a step on the stairs*
Takashi : There's no way I'll let you have me tied before I have you tied.
Yuuichi : Then we'll end up looking like two idiots who can't even scratch their noses, let alone fuck each other senseless, because we're both tied-up *laughs*
Yuuichi : *clears throat* Shit, a stage crew just passed by and he looked at me funny...
Takashi : *laughs out loud* You should learn to lower your voice. Geez, I wonder what made me stay around you these five years...
Takashi : I should go see my doctor and have him make sure that I must having some super ears *grins*
Yuuichi : I guess I've killed your brains *chuckles*
Takashi : Ne, give me a kiss.
Yuuichi : *blinks*
Yuuichi : What? Right now?
Takashi : *pouts* Yes.
Takashi : Come on~ *half whining*
Yuuichi : What's with the sappiness, Takashi?
Yuuichi : *frowns confusedly*
Takashi : Can't we have a kiss on our anniversary? *pouts heavily*
Takashi : Anniversary should involve a lot of kissing, right?
Yuuichi : Well, I can't agree to that more, but not over the phone....
Yuuichi : *shudders*
Takashi : *makes a whining noise* Fine.
Yuuichi : God, you're such a girl, Takashi~ *chuckles*
Takashi : *scowls*
Takashi : *still pouting* I have to go. Daizo-kun's back from the toilet. Bye.

*monotonous beeping sound*

Yuuichi : *stares at his cellphone* What the...


June 30th, 02:24 PM

To : Takashi
From : Yuuichi
Subject : Hey~

What? You're mad from just that?


June 30th, 02.26 PM

To : Yuuichi
From : Takashi
Subject : [auto-reply]

Please contact me again as I am very busy at the moment.


June 30th, 02:27 PM

To : Takashi
From : Yuuichi
Subject : Ah!



Yuuichi : *dials Takashi's numbers*
Takashi : *looks at his blaring cell phone for a long minute*
Yuuichi : *mumbles to himself* C'moon, pick up, pick up, pick up~
Takashi : *is still looking at his cellphone*
Daizo : *looks at Takashi and the blaring cell phone in Takashi's hand and cough uncomfortably*
Takashi : *sighs and press the 'answer' button*
Takashi : *snaps* What?
Yuuichi : Oh, fine, fine, I'll kiss you~ Don't be mad~
Takashi : Just forget it, Yuuichi.
Yuuichi : Come here and I'll kiss you real nice~
Yuuichi : *grins goofily*
Takashi : *sighs heavily* I have to read with Daizo-kun, Yuuichi. Call me again later.
Yuuichi : But don't hang up the phone angrily like that...
Takashi : I'm not angry.
Takashi : *makes an apology gesture to Daizo and slips out of the room*
Yuuichi : You totally are. What's with the auto reply, huh? That's just...
Yuuichi : *sounds distracted*
Yuuichi : *sounds like he's speaking to someone else*
Yuuichi : Damn, they're calling me inside. Hang on to that thought. I'll call you again later~
Yuuichi : *hangs up*
Takashi : ......................................


June 30th, 05.16 PM

To : Yuuichi
From : Takashi
Subject : [empty]

*empty message*


June 30th, 09.34 PM

To : Takashi
From : Yuuichi
Subject : Have you eaten?

The bastards and I are going to get some late dinner, at that ramen place in Shibuya that Daiki-chan loves so much. Are you coming?

I still owe you a kiss, after all. You can't stay angry that long, can you?


June 30th, 09.42 PM

To : Yuuichi
From : Takashi
Subject : *sighs*

Why didn't you tell me that you'd be able to finish this early? I'm already at home. Why don't you come over?


June 30th, 09.47 PM

To : Yuuichi
From : Takashi
Subject : [empty]

And I think I won't make it to HappyPani tomorrow.


June 30th, 09.45 PM

To : Takashi
From : Yuuichi
Subject : That's not possible...

I can't come over there. Daiki has planned for us to crash at Eiji's place so we can go to the theatre together tomorrow, on time. I swear, he can be so anal sometimes.


June 30th, 09.49 PM

To : Takashi
From : Yuuichi
Subject : WHAT?



June 30th, 10.02 PM

To : Yuuichi
From : Takashi
Subject : *shrugs*

Something just came up.

Well, there's no way we can meet up today so I guess this is the end of our anniversary, then.



About twenty minutes after Yuuichi received that message, he gives Takashi a call, swearing and grumbling.


Takashi : *picks up without even looking at the LCD* Yeah?
Yuuichi : But you always come to pnish anniversaries! *whines*
Takashi : *rubs his temples* I told you something came up.
Yuuichi : Work?
Yuuichi : Why is it so sudden?
Takashi : No. It's... family related.
Takashi : I have to do something for my brother...
Yuuichi : ...........
Yuuichi : It'd better be very important....
Takashi : Hey! Family's always important!
Yuuichi : Alright, alright, you don't have to get all worked up like that, geez... I was just asking...
Yuuichi : Tsk...
Takashi : ....You sure you can't come over? Really, really can't come over?
Takashi : *sighing, slightly pouting* Never mind. Who are you to go against Daiki-chan's will, right?
Yuuichi : *sighs heavily* ....I really can't... I can't promise to show up there on time tomorrow if I were to stay over at your place....
Takashi : You were able to make it there on time last year *sulks*
Yuuichi : No, I wasn't on time. The show hadn't started yet, sure, but I missed the sound check and the final rehearsal...
Takashi : *chews on his lower lip* ..........................
Yuuichi : *groans* Is this for real? I'm not going to be able to see you on our anniversary day?
Takashi : Go figures *mumbles sulkingly*
Yuuichi : This sucks. This sucks big time. In fact, this is the worst suckiness I've had this year.
Takashi : ....Yeah.
Yuuichi : ...What are we gonna do now?
Takashi : I don't know. I can't think. I'm very upset, you know...
Takashi : Mou. Remind me again why did we choose today to be our anniversary? *groans*
Takashi : We should've use our brain and thought that things like this happened. Argh, dammit!
Yuuichi : Maybe next year we should make sure to clear our schedule on this day... I wonder if it's even possible...
Yuuichi : Aah, the food's here. I gotta go for now, Takashi. I'll call you later on, okay? Or, you know, you can call me instead.
Takashi : I'm always the one who calls, remember? You only call me when I'm sulking or angry with you.
Yuuichi : Then you can't say that you're always the one who initiate a call~ *grins*
Takashi : *rolls eyes* Whatever.
Takashi : *sighs loudly* Enjoy your supposed-to-be-anniversary-date-with-me-but-apparently-it-turned -out-to-be-with-pnish-instead dinner. And let me know if you're already at Eiji-san's. You know, if I fell asleep or something.
Takashi : *quickly adds* And don't get drunk. In fact, don't drink at all! I don't want to call a drunken you on our anniversary day. You hear that? I'll hung up if I heard you're drunk.
Yuuichi : Haai, haii, sensei~
Yuuichi : See you later, ne~
Takashi : ................................ I love you. Bye.
Yuuichi : *mumbles something incoherrent and embarrassed then hangs up*

Takashi chuckles a little despite being in a crappy mood and snaps his phone close. He thinks for a while and then flips open his phone again


June 30th, 10.23 PM

To : Yuuichi
From : Takashi
Subject : ........



Takashi : *chuckles*


June 30th, 10.23 PM

To : Takashi
From : Yuuichi
Subject : (no subject)

Di... Ditto.

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