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25 July 2008 @ 09:12 pm
Delayed June 30th part two.  
~delayed June 30th celebration~

starring :
Tsuchiya Yuuichi by scratchbook
Nagayama Takashi by tonomurajiro

setting :

timeline :
June 30th & July 1st, 2008

June 30th, 11.34 PM

Takashi : *pokes his cell phone*

Takashi's phone rings once, twice, twice and a half and suddenly dies.

Takashi : *blinks*
Takashi : *looks at it and poke it again*
Phone : *stares back at Takashi rather vindictively*
Takashi : *pouts*
Takashi : *pouts at the phone* Mou. You don't went dead on me like that~ *pokes pokes*
Takashi : *pouts at it once again and starts to punch a number*
Yuuichi's phone : *RRRRRRRRrrrrriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinging*
Yuuichi : *flips open his phone* Aaah, Takashi~ Sorry, I forgot... *laughs at someone else*
Takashi : *pouts* What do you mean you FORGOT? WHAT'S WITH THAT MISCALL, HUH? Mou~ and are you still at the restaurant? You're not drunk are you?
Yuuichi : Huh? Miscall? Aaaah~ Sorry, sorry, I was going to call you, but then Eiji needed help with the mattresses...
Yuuichi : *seems distracted again*
Takashi : *frowns* Are you in the middle of doing something? What about I hang up and call you later on? ....*mumbles* even though it's almost midnight and our anniversary will be over by then...
Yuuichi : Aaah, no, no, wait, lemme get out of this room...
Phone : *lets out some muffled sounds of movements, a door being opened, a door being closed, and a sudden silence*
Yuuichi : Still there?
Takashi : *shifts to his side* Yeah. Almost asleep.
Yuuichi : How long is it until midnight?
Takashi : *peers at the clock again* Hmm... we still have 20 minutes or so. ..
Takashi : Are you sure you're free now?
Yuuichi : Yeah, yeah, I am... The only thing I have to do today is just sleep anyway...
Yuuichi : Twenty minutes, huh? That's not a lot of time...
Takashi : Yeah...
Takashi : You know what? Drinking good wine all by myself in my apartment in the middle of the night isn't so bad at all, except that I'm feeling a bit cranky. But I think that's kind of the point?
Takashi : *laughs* I think I know how you feel if I'm away for two weeks or more
Yuuichi : Miserable. In agony. Would probably reduce myself to dating a bottle of cheap shochu and just whine at the horridness that was my life.
Yuuichi : *lights up a cigarette*
Yuuichi : So, you're drinking wine right now?
Takashi : Well, you know I don't really like alcohol but it's really not good to waste such a good Amarone, right? *chuckles*
Takashi : But this is my last glass. I don't think I can make it for more.... *takes a deep breath*
Yuuichi : Ooh, maan, you're drinking Amarone~ We're not allowed to have alcohol the night before the show here...
Yuuichi : I'd kill for a glass right now...
Takashi : *snorts* Yeah, right! With you and Eiji-san? No alcohol? And you expect me to believe that?
Yuuichi : But it's true! Oh, mind you, we'll get our payback at uchiage *chuckles*
Yuuichi : By the way, when was the first time I share a bottle of Amarone with you, Takashi? Do you still remember?
Takashi : *frowns a little* I'm not sure... lessee, wasn't it at the uchiage of MTL's senshuuraku? When you dragged me to a corner?
Takashi : *smiles in nostalgia* You said that you wanted to share it with me to celebrate the last performance of Golden Pair? But then they decided to put up another musical for us *laughs*
Yuuichi : Eeeh? That was the first time? Really? I thought it was earlier than that... Didn't we drink some in the dinner parties back from the days of the first Tenimyu? I remember Eiji trying to push a glass of the wine on you
Takashi : ....................Yuuichi, I wasn't in the first Tenimyu
Yuuichi : Ah....
Yuuichi : *fidgets*
Yuuichi : I clearly remember it was you, so maybe it's the second one *laughs*
Takashi : *shakes head in disbelieve* Should I take it as a good sign? You seemed to forget about Ichitarou-kun.
Takashi : And it was right after MTL. I remembered it clearly.
Yuuichi : Ichitarou? Who's that? *grins*
Takashi : *laughs out loud*
Takashi : *sips on his wine, his laughs subdue* ..... *sighs* Were you having fun today?
Yuuichi : Not really. Today sucked.
Yuuichi : Tomorrow will suck even more...
Takashi : Yeah? How so?
Yuuichi : You know why... *rolls his eyes and grins*
Takashi : *chukles a little* Hmm, yeah... this is the worst anniversary ever! I didn't even get a single kiss from you *wails*
Takashi : And hey, sorry about tomorrow, ne? *softly* You know I want to be there...
Yuuichi : Daiki-chan will be so crushed when I tell him...
Yuuichi : Eiji will probably throw a fit...
Yuuichi : And Wasshi... he... well, you never know what he really feels, but I predict even major drop of morale even from him...
Yuuichi : It'll be the worst pnish show ever... *shakes head*
Takashi : Don't exagerate everything, OI! I know they'd be disappointed but NOT to that level. Mou. Stop making me feel guilty *pouts*
Yuuichi : You're just saying that because you want to make yourself feel better *amused*
Takashi : Well, of course! They've been so kind and I like them.
Yuuichi : Then you must definitely come tomorrow~
Yuuichi : But don't tell your brother I said this *chuckles*
Takashi : He knew that I want to be there tomorrow. He feels pretty bad about it...
Yuuichi : .......But you're right. Family's more important than a bunch of good-for-nothing bastards...
Takashi : Hey, I didn't mean it that way.
Takashi : I said that because I was sulking.
Yuuichi : You didn't. I'm the one who meant it that way *grins*
Yuuichi : Sulking?
Takashi : Uh, no. Nevermind.
Takashi : Anyway. Let's talk about something else, shall we? It's our anniversary and we only have... five minutes left?! Dammit!
Yuuichi : Okay, okay~ *frantically hops up and down* But what? But what?
Takashi : I guess I haven't say it to you personally, so Happy Anniversary, Yuuichi....
Takashi : I... I'm happy that we can make it to our fifth year... and I love you.
Yuuichi : *smiles very brightly*
Yuuichi : Same here, Takashi...
Takashi : It's a wonder, don't you think? That we can stick around each other this long... *sighs happily* I can't believe it myself...
Yuuichi : Why? Is it so hard to believe? *smiles*
Takashi : I mean... it's not that hard to believe. It's just... when I looked at the calendar last night, I was kind of stunned that this is our fifth year together.
Takashi : I've never been with anyone this long, you know. So I'm.... thankful, I guess? That we make it this long...
Takashi : Not to mention that I have YOU as my partner *laughs*
Yuuichi : Oii, oii, what's that supposed to mean? *feints a scowl*
Takashi : Let's face it, Yuuichi. You're waaaay different from my exes. And I really can't remember why I fell for you at the first place *smiles*
Yuuichi : Maybe that's why I'm not your ex *grins*
Yuuichi : Damn it... *sighs*
Yuuichi : I really want to go over there... *scratches the back of his head*
Yuuichi : Are you already in your pajamas?
Takashi : *takes another sips of the wine and nodding his head even though Yuuichi can't see him* For the last two hours...
Takashi : ...and I'm kinda lonely here.
Takashi : What are you thinking? *smiles*
Yuuichi : Naah... it's nothing really...
Yuuichi : I just... love the way you smell like in your pajamas, just moments before you fall asleep... weird, isn't it?
Takashi : *chuckles a little, raising an eyebrow* Oh? What do I smell like in my pajamas?
Yuuichi : I don't know, I don't know... *giggles*
Yuuichi : ....Like.... something warm and cozy and soft... and, and... it's just ... very nice...
Takashi : *chuckles happily despite the deep blush on his cheeks* Why, thank you, Yuuichi.
Takashi : ...and geez, I can't believe I'm still blushing hearing that... *blushes some more*
Yuuichi : You're welcome, Takashi *chuckles*
Yuuichi : I wanted to ask you which pajamas you're wearing right now, but... I don't want that to be the last thing I say to you at the end of our anniversary day...
Yuuichi : Happy anniversary, Takashi...
Takashi : *smiles brightly*
Takashi : ...and I'm wearing my over worn old blue pajamas, if you really want to know... *chuckles*
Yuuichi : .....Dammit
Takashi : Yeah...
Yuuichi : Aaaand, the anniversary day is over...
Yuuichi : It ended with a curse. Very sophisticated.
Takashi : *looks at the clock* Is it, really?
Takashi : Well, makes our anniversaries colorful, don't you think?
Takashi : *sighs* First anniversary not spent together, though...
Yuuichi : Ah, that's where you're wrong. We did technically spent it together. Just not in one place!
Takashi : Still, I'm not getting any kiss nor sex... *pouts*
Yuuichi : That is true...
Takashi : ....Ne, do you have day off after tomorrow?
Yuuichi : Nothing work related to do that day, at least. Why?
Takashi : But I take it you're planning to get so wasted at the uchiage, right?
Yuuichi : Do you even need to ask?
Takashi : Thought so.
Yuuichi : Of course I'm going to drown my sorrow of not being able to celebrate today with you in booze~
Takashi : But I will so hate it to fuck you when you're so drunk!
Yuuichi : Ohooo, you're planning to fuck me in two days? *chuckles* How passionate of you
Yuuichi : I promise I'll sober up before all that shagging. Promise *grins*
Takashi : As if that'll happen. *snorts*
Takashi : Maybe I should call Daiki-chan and ask him to pay close attention so you won't get so wasted. *chuckles*
Yuuichi : That's... going to be tough since Daiki-chan is probably the first person who'll get wasted *laughs*
Takashi : *laughs too* Sure about that? I only remember that he's always be the only who's sober enough to make sure you guys get home safely!
Yuuichi : No, no, that's Wasshi~
Yuuichi : Daiki-chan loves his drinking games too much~
Takashi : Hehehe...
Takashi : Hmm... Wait a minute, okay? I have to get rid of this wine before I end up finishing the whole bottle and regretting it tomorrow morning...
Phone : *produces some rustling sounds, clinking sound, some rummaging sound and then silence before back to rustling sound again*
Takashi : God, I think I'm drunk *groans*
Yuuichi : Okay, okay, why don't you find somewhere soft and cozy to lie down. Throwing up at this hour is a pain in the neck...
Takashi : I'm already in bed... *sighs* and my aspirin is so far away... *whines*
Takashi : This is your fault, you know...
Yuuichi : That you picked up a bottle of my favorite red wine and wasted yourself to sleep? Wow, I do enjoy guilt, but would you please help point it out for me which one is mine? *grins*
Takashi : Because you're not here so I have to drink the wine all by myself. So at least I have celebration feel around me, you know... *closes his eyes, still whining*
Yuuichi : Hai, hai, just for this once, I'm willing to take full responsibility for getting you drunk.
Yuuichi : *smiles* Even though you're the one who's going to break your promise...
Yuuichi : *softly* Even though I'm also suffering from loneliness here...
Takashi : What promise? *frowns*
Takashi : And how can you be lonely when Daiki-chan and Eiji-san and Wasshi are there with you? *smiles teasingly*
Yuuichi : Whaddya mean what promise? Don't you get all innocent on me now! *scowls scowls* You promised you'll be there for HapiPani, mou~
Takashi : I didn't promise anything. It's tradition that I'm always there on *pnish* show. So it hardly counted as breaking a promise. *pouts slightly*
Yuuichi : ......You didn't?
Yuuichi : I thought you did?
Yuuichi : Oh well, whatever, you said it yourself that it's a tradition. So you're breaking your, our tradition...
Takashi : *groans* Why do I even have to be there for other people's celebration while I couldn't have my own?
Takashi : I don't know... I feel a bit unspirited this year... Sorry, Yuuichi... it's just... I'm still upset, I guess...
Yuuichi : Was... Was it something I said? You know, the main reason why I want you to be there tomorro is that so we can have a proper celebration of our own...
Takashi : *takes a deep breath*..... How do you plan to do it, really? Will they let you go from the uchiage? I'm not sure it'll happen...
Yuuichi : I don't know yet, but as long as the main components of the celebration, which is you and me, are there, then I'm sure we can think of something...
Takashi : Mmh...
Yuuichi : Takashi?
Takashi : ......*sighs* It's nothing... I just... I really not sure we can do that...
Yuuichi : ...You're slurring. And I think you're already half asleep *chuckles softly*
Yuuichi : Just sleep it off, and I'll see you the day after tomorrow, okay?
Takashi : Nooo... don't hang uuupp.... *whines*
Yuuichi : *chuckles* But you're barely awake~
Takashi : I'm still awake.... *pouts*
akashi : We're only talking barely an hour.... we usually go for four or five hours.... *whines again*
Yuuichi : Well, much as I love to, I can't speak on the phone for that long tonight. I should sleep early. Big day tomorrow. And you need your sleep too.
Takashi : *makes whining sounds*
Yuuichi : *chuckles* Good night, Takashi. Sweet dreams~
Yuuichi : *very softly* Luvya...
Takashi : *grumbles* Don't think you're getting away by saying that... *pouts pouts*
Takashi : .....love you too.... *falls asleep*
Yuuichi : *lets his face turns into a mush before he catches himself and switches off his phone*


July 1st, 09.34 AM

To : Yuuichi
From : Takashi
Subject : Have you awake?

Currently at Starbucks, on my way to rehearsal hall. Oh, I sent something through the courier this morning. Tell me what you think about it when you get it, okay?


July 1st, 09.35 AM

To : Yuuichi
From : Takashi
Subject : ah

P.S. and that caramel waffle is sooooo great. Want some? *grins*


July 1st, 10:27 AM

To : Takashi
From : Yuuichi
Subject : Just barely

I'm waiting for Eiji to finish showering. I'm number 3 in the line. But Daiki won't let me go back to sleep while I wait. That bastard.

Damn, that coffee looks like a godsend. Is that what you're sending me? Please, say yes.
I can use all caffeine I can get my hands on.


July 1st, 10.37 AM

To : Yuuichi
From : Takashi
Subject : Poor you

I'm not sending you coffee. You can afford it yourself, ooii!! And doesn't Eiji-san has a coffee-maker? But, fine! Just because this is a big day for *pnish*, I think I can ask the Starbucks' guy to deliver a cup to the hall. The package was sent to the hall, by the way. So I think it'd be there when you get there?


July 1st, 10:40 AM

To : Takashi
From : Yuuichi
Subject : Now you're getting me all excited!

A package from Starbucks? Man, this must be good! In the mean time, while I'm waiting for Eiji to finish doing unspeakable things to himself in the shower, I'm having this for breakfast.


July 1st, 11.15 AM

To : Yuuichi
From : Takashi
Subject : Eat properly!

Hey, will you be all right just eating THAT before performing? Eat something decent, will you? I'm sending you some club sandwhich and fries that you wanted yesterday. Mou~


*a package awaits at the hall addressed to Tsuchiya Yuuichi-sama. In the package is a whole cake of strawberry cheesecake with a 'Happy 7th Birthday!!' card attached to it, a bottle of champagne, and a slice of opera cake. And a small note*

Written on the note :


The cake is for *pnish*. Tell the others my best wishes for *pnish* (I've texted them, too) and I hope you guys do the best for today. The opera cake is for you because I remember the other day that you whined about craving it. I wanted to give it to you last night, but you couldn't make it so I stored it in the fridge and have it packed with the *pnish* cake.

P.S The champagne is from Kime



July 1st, 11:16 AM

To : Takashi
From : Yuuichi
Subject : Yes, Mom~

I'll live. It's been proven before. Although club sandwich and fries will be delightfully welcome to!

But what's this, Takashi? You're just like a hen feeding her malnourished chicks. Wait, am I a chick?


July 1st, 11.18 AM

To : Yuuichi
From : Takashi
Subject : Hmph...

What's with that attitude? I'm worrying about you! And your Starbucks delivery is on its way. Now I'm off to my brother's.


July 1st, 12:31 AM

To : Takashi
From : Yuuichi
Subject : You're the best!

Takashi! You overdid yourself! The guys are crazy about the cake. It was all we could do to keep ourselves from devouring it instantly. We'll save it until the end of the show. Especially the champagne. OH GOD THANK YOU FOR THE CHAMPAGNE. The guys made fun of the special opera cake. But screw them. That, I'll save just for me.

Thank you so very much~ YOu've made our big day a perfect one. The only thing that can make it even more perfect is if you're here. I'm being selfish, I know. But at least I'm being honest.


July 1st, 12.59 PM

To : Yuuichi
From : Takashi
Subject : You're welcome

That's just how much I like you guys *grins*. It's nothing, really. If I can't be there so at least I have to give something to you guys. I'll tell Kime that you like the champagne. You should do a toast with it!

Did you get your coffee and sandwhich? Don't slack off, okay?

I miss you, too.


July 1st, 13:35 PM

To : Takashi
From : Yuuichi
Subject : Bribery

You think you can buy my love and forgiveness with cakes and booze and more cakes? No!
But throw in a cup of coffee and sandwich, yes, you can.

This shower of food is really cute, Takashi. Thank you so much.


July 1st, 01.44 PM

To : Yuuichi
From : Takashi
Subject : Huh.

It's not a bribery. It's a token of my love for you. And don't you dare laughing on it!

Your coffee and sandwich should be there any minute now. I made sure they deliver them to you for lunch. Or else, I'll sue them. But Starbucks never disappoint me so far.

Anyway. How's the preparation going?


July 1st, 02:46 PM

To : Takashi
From : Yuuichi
Subject : Calm down, Bugsy

No suing is needed. Starbucks delivered well. I wanted to tell you earlier, but I was busy with the costume check. Things are hectic, as usual, only hours before the show. But so far, everything is according to plan. Let's not talk more about it or else we'll jinx it.

Okay, I'm gonna hit the sack for a couple of hours. I'll cal you later tonight.


July 1st, 02.55 PM

To : Yuuichi
From : Takashi
Subject : Ganbatte~






July 1st, 06:48 PM

To : Takashi
From : Yuuichi
Subject : Here goes

It's starting in less then 15 minutes. I can't believe I'm still nervous as hell. Butterfly-in-stomach and all that. Though this one feels more like a giant moth. Ugh.

Isn't it stupid that I still want to puke on-stage even though I've been doing this for more than 10 years? Pray for me. See you later.

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