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04 September 2008 @ 12:08 pm
::TutixNagayan Chronicle part 9:: ~The Moving In~  
:: The Chronicle of TutixNagayan ::
The part 9 ~The Moving In~

starring :
tonomurajiro as Nagayama Takashi
scratchbook as Tsuchiya Yuuichi

setting :
Tuti's apartment

Takashi purses his lips as he watches around the apartment from Takashi Closet. Boxes are clattered everywhere and people are moving around here and there. He never thought that he'll play the 'lady of the house' but he guess he does at the moment.

Kime is wandering around in an apron, busy telling the other boys where to move or put things according to Takashi's wish. He bet Kime enjoys the position very much. He even makes Yuuichi work as well.

Kime : Look, Eiji, dear... Which part of 'moving it a bit to the left' is sooo difficult for you to understand?
Eiji : I'm moving it!! It's heavy!! *tries to move Yuuichi's TV set cabinet*
Kime : Hmph!! Ah, Nobu! Help Eiji with this will you?
Wasshi : *looks bewildered* ...Um, it's not that I don't want to, but my hands are kind of full already, Kime...
Wasshi : *shows the large plastic box in his hands*
Daiki : *leaves his task of arranging the kitchen utensils and reaches for the cabinet* Let me, let me~~ Yossha, Eiji, on three!

Eiji makes heaving noises while he picks up the cabinet, followed by a rather loud groan, not unsimilar to one lets out by a dying honey bear.

Eiji : Ototototototooo~~~ My hips~~~ *massages his hips*
Daiki : You okay, Old Man? Did you dislocate your hips? Well, at least the cabinet's is at the place where Kime wants it.. *pats Eiji's shoulder while laughing a little*
Kime : *narrows his eyes* Do you want me to give you a massage, Ei-chan? I'm a very good masseuse, you know...
Eiji : *shakes his head furiously*
Kime : And because I'm a very good masseuse, I know if you really have dislocated hips or if you're faking it to avoid heavy work...
Eiji : ....You're cruel *pretends a sniffle*

Yuuichi walks in with cardboard boxes in his hands. Seeing the drama in the living room, he walks over to his lover and nudges his arm.

Yuuichi : What's going on?
Takashi : Looks like Eiji's dislocated his hip *smirks*
Yuuichi : *raises his brows* Kime?
Takashi : Being his usual self. But I have to agree with him that maybe Eiji just want to avoid giving a hand.

Takashi then shrugs and turns his body to arrange his clothing and accesories inside the Takashi closet. He has several small cabinet being placed inside the closet now.

Takashi : It's almost lunch time. Should we order something?
Kime : *looks at Yuuichi* Ah! Is that Takashi's scripts? Bring it here!
Yuuichi : *whispers* You go order and save yourself. I've been called to face the wrathful Queen of Doom....
Takashi : *chuckles* Well, good luck

He pushes his partner's back to lead him to an enrage looking Kime while giggling amusingly and saunters to the bedroom to take his cellphone.

Then he goes to the kitchen to look at some take-out pamphlets Yuuichi attached on his fridge - their fridge now? Takashi smiles a little in amusement at the thought.

Yuuichi approaches the Queen of Doom and puts the boxes on the floor, next to the coffee table.

Yuuichi : Yes, My Queen? *grins*
Kime : What do you mean by that?
Yuuichi : It means I respect you. And terrified to death you'll cause physical injuries in me like you did in Eiji *grins cheekily*
Kime : If I wanted to cause you injuries, I would've done so years ago, Tsucchi *smiles gorgeously* Now, open up those boxes and arrange the scripts alphabetically on the shelves over there.
Yuuichi : You know, this is actually my home... Why am I getting order from someone else in my own home?
Kime : *narrows his eyes* It's not your home anymore, Tsucchi. It's both your and Takashi's home now. If you're having complaints about that, let's do it now while it's still easy for Takashi to move out again.
Yuuichi : *pales considerably* That's not what I meant... I was just saying....
Kime : Are you done saying it?
Yuuichi : *stutters* P...Pretty much...
Kime : The scripts. They go to that shelf. Move it.
Yuuichi : Right away, Your Highness...

Gruntling and scowling, Yuuichi does what he's told to do. He bitches a little at Eiji, who's making fun of him, and glowers at Daiki, who's simply howling with laughter.

Wasshi, however, works like a quite mouse in the kitchen.

Kime himself goes to the kitchen, toward his best friend.

Kime : Thinking about lunch?
Kime : Don't bother to order anything. I've prepared our lunch. It's in the car Eiji rented *smiles*
Kime : *checks his watch* Hmmm... it's past noon already. You want to have lunch now?

Takashi stops in the middle of dialing the number of CocoIchi Curry.

Takashi : Eh? Why didn't you tell me earlier?
Takashi : You shouldn't done that, Kime. I've bothered you all enough already

but he grins to his friend.

Takashi : Hmm.. yeah, we've been working all day. Even though I wouldn't mind for you guys to keep working but I don't want to be a rude host.

Kime raises his delicate eyebrows to his friend. Takashi laughs.

Takashi : Come on! I bet you're also starving! Did you prepare the beer too?
Kime : Of course! *frowns*

Takashi laughs again and drags his friend to take the food from Eiji's car. Inside the elevator, Takashi pressed the 'G' button, leans his back to the cubicle's walls and sighs.

Kime : *eyes his friend* I hope that's a happy sigh?
Takashi : *chuckles* and a tired sigh
Takashi : I heard what you said to Yuuichi. *suddenly frowning*
Takashi : You should stop giving him a hard time, Kime. He's having one already
Kime : And? *smiles*
Takashi : *rolls eyes*
Takashi : Oh, you're just enjoying the time when you can be winning over him, aren't you?
Kime : *laughs* Oh, I always do, Takashi. Always.

The elevator doors bing and open. They stepped out to the deserted lobby and out the building.

Kime : I bet you also enjoy conquering him... *chuckles*

Takashi follows his best friend while grinning wide

Takashi : Well...

They walk to the parking lot toward a blue mini van Eiji rented. Kime unlocks the car and ducks inside to take the lunch boxes.

Takashi : *waits beside his friend* But honestly... don't do that again, will you? At least for today?
Kime : What? Have you had problems about it already?

Kime drags a large plastic container out of the car and hands it over to his friend. He ducks inside the car again to get the second container.

Takashi : *takes the plastic container* No. I've no problem with that. Hell, it's always interesting to see him losing *smirks*
Takashi : It's just... I don't want him to get the impression that you know too much about our relationship.
Takashi : He's having an acute case of privacy. *frowns*
Kime : Hmmm... I see. Well, okay, since you ask, I can always spare him a little *grins*

Kime takes another smaller container from the car and kicks the car door close. He puts down the containers on the ground just long enough for him to lock the door, and they're back on their way up to Yuuichi's floor.

Kime : You know, Tsucchi and I went a back a long time in our teasing and practical joking. You shouldn't be too worried about my teasing him *chuckles*

They step into the empty elevator.

Kime : And you know, back in the days, I used to find him kind of... hot.

Kime chuckles as the elevator doors slide close.

Takashi : *blinks* What?
Takashi : Then how come you didn't lure him back then? *frowns a little to the elevator panel*
Kime : *raises his brows* You want me to seduce him back then?
Takashi : I'm just curious... *shrugs*
Kime : Well, I guess I didn't really see myself having a future with him. He's really fun to be around with. And he IS hot when he gets huffed-up and protests at my teasing *chuckles*
Kime : I don't know... I just felt that with him, it'd be just for fun. I'd waste a completely great friendship with him for that.
Kime : I was still considering it, though. But then you showed up *smiles*

The elevator bings again and open its doors.

Takashi : *pouts at his best friend*
Takashi : You should've told me, you know...
Kime : Are you angry that I'm telling you this now?
Kime : *looks carefully at his best friend*
Takashi : *shrugs* I don't know... It's just.. weird...
Kime : Are you angry that I once had... something...for him?
Kime : *steps out of the elevator*

Takashi follows his best friend. He unconciously chews on his lower lip. He really doesn't know what to say and he hates the feeling that he's.... jealous.... at Kime.

Takashi : *looks at Kime* Were you... okay back then?
Takashi : I mean, if I had known...
Kime : Hm? What do you mean?
Takashi : *pouts* You know what I mean. Don't make me saying it.
Kime : You mean, was I okay with your falling for him back then?
Kime : Honey, it's thanks to you that I stopped myself from ruining my friendship with him over what could only be called a short-lived sexual attraction.
Kime : And he deserved better than that. You are a better thing to happen in his life than I could or would ever be.
Kime : I just feel I need to tell you that at this stage of your life. I don't want you to find out about it, somehow, much later and misunderstand it.
Kime : So, how do you feel about this?
Takashi : Relieved... I guess? *winces*

He then throws one arm around Kime's neck and pulls the pretty man closer to him to press the side of their head together.

Takashi : But, thank you. I know I can count on you for being honest.

He then smirks and releases Kime to open Yuuichi's door.

Kime : What do you mean "relieved"? You think I would jump on your life partner? Is that how you think the kind of person I am? Really, Nagayama Takashi, hadn't you been a very dear friend of mine, I'd do things to you so unspeakable that you'd think not befriending me is the biggest mistake of your life.
Takashi : *laughs* Look, you couldn't blame me for thinking that. Even though I know it's stupid since you're my best friend and you won't do that. I just can't help it, okay?

He pushes the door open with his shoulder and waits for Kime to get in.

Kime : *sends a death glare to Takashi*
Takashi : *pretends not seeing it*

He closes the door behind him to follow his friend. He finds Eiji inside the Takashi closet, fumbling on one cardboard boxes.

Takashi : Eiji, out! It's my teritory!
Eiji : Heey!! I'm giving a hand here!
Takashi : Yes, but I don't want you to get in there. Yuuichi, how come you let him in my Takashi closet?
Yuuichi : Were you off to some corners in this building to gossip and giggle with Kime? So unfair.
Yuuichi : It's because Yuuichi has been busy arranging your scripts on the shelf, as per the Queen's instructions *Kime narrows his eyes at him at this* that he doesn't even know where Eiji is. In fact, Yuuichi concerns more about where you have been gone to.
Eiji : Ta... Takashi closet?
Daiki : You named that closet?
Takashi : *ignores* Well, to ease your mind, I didn't go to some corner to gossip with Kime. You should be thankful that we think about your welfare and took the liberty to prepare lunch for all of us.
Kime : Nobu, help me with this, will you? *hands over the plastic containers he's been carrying to Wasshi* and put them on the dining table.
Wasshi : Uh... okay.
Wasshi : *still looking at the others*
Kime : Just ignore them. I need your help here.
Wasshi : *smiles* Gomen.
Wasshi : Need help with the dishes too?
Kime : That will be very sweet of you.
Yuuichi : *drags Eiji out of the Takashi closet* If it's Wasshi, you'll smile so sweetly, hmph.
Eiji : Did I hear something about food? I'm going to need proof to be convinced.
Daiki : What's that? You spend the last hour whining about your hips and now asking for food? You're really such a big help!
Kime : I'll be in the kitchen with Nobu. Food is coming very soon, so for goodness sake, hang on to your flabby stomachs and get some more work done, will ya? We need to have most of the stuff stashed neatly by the end of the day.
Yuuichi : That's right. Daiki-chan, Eiji, come help me with the books and cds.
Yuuichi : *turns to Takashi and smiles amusedly* Of course, you're free to help too. After all, it's your stuff.
Takashi : *smiles back sweetly* Unfortunately, I still have my Takashi closet to be taken care of.
Yuuichi : Che, no fun. You're getting way too obsessed with that closet, you know...
Yuuichi : Come on, guys, the faster we finish, the faster we can get ridiculously drunk later on!


Daiki : So, tell me, what exactly is the deal with that Takashi closet? Or is it something so private you can't even tell us? If it is, then, please, just spare me the gruesom details...

They're all lounging around in the living room, except for Wasshi who voluntereed to wash the dishes in the kitchen. Kimeru's meals, as always, was awesome and warmly welcomed. They're so full now that Yuuichi suspects Daiki is trying to strike up a conversation to distract everyone that there are still work to be done.

Yuuichi : Takashi should be the one who can tell the story better... *grins lazily*
Takashi : *glares at his lover* You're the one who named it.
Kime : Yeah, I never heard about that either. Come on, tell us!
Takashi : You shouldn't be that excited, Kime! *grins*
Kime : Oh, come on!
Takashi : There's nothing to be told, anyway *glares to his grinning lover again*
Yuuichi : Sorry, I'm too full to talk right now... *grins*
Eiji : You guys are no fun at all!
Kime : Takashi dear, you made us curious!!
Takashi : Oh, fiiinne!! It's named that way because it's where I put my things because Yuuichi here has some problem with my things "clattering around".
Kime : *blinks* What? I notice that you have your clothes and shoes and bags in there but I thought it's only a walk-in closet
Takashi : It IS a walk-in closet!
Yuuichi : Used to have problems with. I don't have them anymore.
Yuuichi : Unless you test me *grins*
Yuuichi : That's the first room, if you can call it a room, in this apartment that belongs to Takashi. After today, his stuff will be invading my whole apartment like fungi in autumn *chuckles*
Daiki : *laughs at the joke*
Takashi : Well, excuse me if you have problem with my things start to spread like fungi in autumn. Everything's here is mine after all. *stares daringly to Yuuichi*
Kime : *giggles like mad*
Eiji : See? This is why I never live with anyone. *smugly*
Eiji : Too annoying.
Kime : *slaps Eiji's head none too gently*
Eiji : Yeoch!! What was that for?
Kime : Really? So Tsucchi named it. Heee... I never know you're into cute things... except Takashi, I mean. *smiles*
Daiki : *laughs out loud*
Yuuichi : Takashi's not cute.
Daiki : o_0
Eiji : What the hell did you mean by that, idiot? *smacks Yuuichi's head*
Takashi : Don't worry, guys. The only thing Yuuichi thinks as cute is his smiley boxer pants.
Yuuichi : Which I don't have! Hey!
Yuuichi : *laughs*
Kime : You haven't answered Eiji's question, Tsucchi...
Yuuichi : Well, it's true! Takashi's not cute. The cuteness is just the side he shows in front of the camera.
Yuuichi : The real Takashi is a lot more than that. You've known him just as long as I have, Eiji, so you know that too.
Eiji : I don't know him as close as you do, though *grins*
Daiki : *smacks Eiji's head*
Yuuichi : He's a really awesome guy, this Takashi *turns to look at his lover* He busts his ass in practice like no one else does. He's always there to help out with pnish, without even us asking him to.
Yuuichi : And he's been incredibly understanding and patient with my shortcomings, it's a wonder why he'd stick around with me for so long...
Yuuichi : *speaks gently and a bit shaky now* He's still here, no matter how much my stupidity hurt him over and over again... I don't know how he endures it, but he did... He still does... He didn't give up on us, even when I couldn't see any other way to make it up...
Yuuichi : You see, the cameras can't capture all of these things...
Yuuichi : *grits his teeth* So when you say Nagayama Takashi is a cute person, that means you don't know him that well...
Yuuichi : He's much more than that... I'm lucky I can be a part of his life, even if it's just for a small part...

Takashi is seriously blushing now. His eyes has fixated upon his lover's and he hears that slightly shaky voice. He doesn't know what drives Yuuichi blurts out emotionally like that.

Takashi tries to hide his blushing face with a wide grin.

Takashi : You shouldn't say those things while I'm in the room. Baka.

But then he leans forward, enough to press his lips against Yuuichi. He nibbles on the lower lip for a while before pulling back, still blushing.

Takashi : *whispers* I love you too.

Kime watches the two with a broad smile and glassy eyes while Daiki and Eiji blink before quickly throw their faces away. Wasshi, who has done with the dishes, enters the room and stops at where he's standing.

Daiki : *coughs* Well... urmh... sorry to interrupt, but we still have quiet lots of things to stack into place here. *grinning*
Kime : Daikiiii~~~ you're ruining the mood!! Can't you see that they're so lovely that way?

Takashi pulls back from his lover to grin dumbly to the others, but his hand that already slipped behind to rest on Yuuichi's back stays refuses to let go.

Yuuichi : *a bit flushed* So, basically, Takashi closet is my way of bribing him to forget about my blunders.
Yuuichi : As you can see, it works *grins wickedly*
Yuuichi : You like your closet so much, don't you Takashiiii? *kisses Takashi's head*
Yuuichi : *grins mischievously*
Takashi : *pinches Yuuichi hard* Yes, thank you. I love it soooooo much.
Wasshi : *is still blinking*

Kime stands up and claps his hands.

Kime : Okay, up, people! The day's not getting any younger, and neither are we. There are still lots of things to do, so come on! Eiji, off you go to build that extra bedroom drawer! *Eiji groans* Daiki, most of the books and cds are still in the boxes! *Daiki gives a monkey salute to Kime* Tsucchi, make room for Takashi's clothes in your wardrobe! Wasshi, you're the king of the kitchen and I'll be your Queen, unless Takashi wants me to help him with his wardrobe...
Kime : *looks at Takashi questioningly*
Takashi : I'll spare Wasshi from your wrath. So, help me with my wardrobe.
Takashi : Ah, my clothes are fine in Takashi closet, Kime. I've promised after all *steals a quick glance to Yuuichi*
Takashi : *grabs Kime's hand* Come on!
Eiji : *stands* Hai, hai. Thank goodness you don't make me do some heavy lifting again.
Daiki : *smacks Eiji's head* Your hip is all right! Don't whine!
Wasshi : *mumbles* I'll do just fine on my own
Kime : Good! Now what are you waiting for? New Year's Eve?
Daiki : Hai, haa~~ii
Yuuichi : Then I'll help Eiji with the drawer, unless I can be king too in Takashi Closet *sniggers*
Kime : Oh, you're the king of it. But let the Queen and the High Priestess take care of it for now. You go help Eiji!
Takashi : *laughs*
Eiji : *pats Yuuichi's shoulder* Come, Yuuichi. Help the Minister to build the Holy Drawer. High Priestess' words are ineffable after all.
Daiki : *starts to pile the CDs into the rack*

Yuuichi surrenders himself to the order, for who could go up against the Queen of Doom? He follows Eiji toward his bedroom, as Eiji sniggers away.

Eiji : Man, you've fallen soooo deep now, have you? You're so in trouble.... *chuckles*
Yuuichi : Shut up or I'll really break your hips.
Eiji : *sniggers*
Eiji : *begins picking up the knockdown pieces of the drawers* I've never seen you like this, Yuuichi. Breaking up into tears out of the blue... *laughs*
Yuuichi : Very brave today, aren't you? You better prepare those hips...
Eiji : *ignores him* It's either you fall for him reaaaaal bad, or the sex is just that damn good. Which is it?
Yuuichi : *rubs his forehead*
Eiji : ...........Yuuichi?
Yuuichi : *cringes*
Eiji : ....It's both??
Yuuichi : *cringes in his grin*
Eiji : ......Boy, you're in serious trouble...
Yuuichi : I am, Eiji, I am. And hearing it from you doesn't help, okay, so shut the hell up. Pass me the hammer.
Eiji : *passes the hammer while seems to be in deep thoughts*
Eiji : You know....
Eiji : I've been wondering about it for quite some time now...
Eiji : *quickly* And you know I don't...choose to go that way, really... so this is purely curiosity...
Yuuichi : *hammers a nail into a piece of wood*

Eiji leans forward and lowers his voice.

Eiji : ....The...um,... sex.... how is it?
Yuuichi : *hits his thumb with the hammer*
Yuuichi : *flails his injured hand around* GEEZ, EIJI, LOOK WHAT YOU'VE MADE ME DO!? FUCKTHISHURTS!!
Eiji : I was just curious!!
Daiki : *pops his head at the door*
Daiki : What's going on?
Eiji : *frantically shoo-ing the Leader* Nothing, nothing, Yuuichi's being his careless, klutzy self again.
Daiki : Hmmm..... *pops his head out of sight again*
Eiji : Geez... Did you have to scream that loud? ....So, answer my question, Yuuichi.


Inside Takashi Closet, Takashi starts to take out his wardrobe from several suitcases and Kime helps by hanging them or folding them.

Kime : You two were waaaay too cute back there... *eyes sparkles*
Kime : Finally I can see him weak on his knees! *giggles happily*
Takashi : *rolls eyes* Stop it! It's embarassing!
Kime : Well, you certainly didn't think of that when you kiss him!
Takashi : That's why I said it's embarassing! I didn't think when I did that! *throws a beanie to Kime*
Takashi : Makes me wonder, though. What made him said those things so suddenly. He usually goes with making fun of me.
Takashi : He even rarely says things like that when we're alone.
Kime : He gets emosional easily, that Yuuichi... *folds a black and pink tanktop* ...But, true, he doesn't go around sharing his personal feelings like that...
Kime : I guess it means he's really, really in love with you... and the fact that he shows it so blatantly in front of us means that he trusts us so much to be willing to confide us with something that intimate...
Kime : You two made me feel really warm inside, you know... *sniffles a little*
Takashi : Seriously, if only my mother would react like you now if I tell her someday... *sighs*
Takashi : Anyway, how's everything with Wasshi? You two are in good pace, right?
Kime : We're more like in his pace... But that's not a bad thing. I've decided to do it his way, so I have nothing to complain, right?
Kime : ...................
Takashi : *frowns* Kime?
Takashi : What's wrong?

Takashi takes a step closer to his friend and lightly taps on Kime's cheek.

Kime : *shakes his head*
Kime : It's really nothing... *fiddles with Takash's tanktop*
Kime : I don't want to complain because I've promised myself I won't complain. I'm going to treasure everything I have with Nobu, and I AM treasuring it...
Kime : .........*sighs*
Takashi : Don't make me bitch over you for not telling me the truth. There IS a problem, right?
Takashi : I'll repeat myself after you. I'm behind you. All the time.
Kime : *sits on top of a black, stylish trunk* ......He still won't let me stay over at his place, Takashi.....
Kime : We've been sleeping together for a few months now, but still, in the end, he'd politely ask me to leave...
Kime : He reasons it by telling me that it'll be more convenient for me the next day if I go to work from my own home, because his apartment is far from the train station. He does it very politely, in subtle suggestions and all. He even finds me the cabs and asks the driver to take me home safely. Every single time.
Kime : He's also very reluctant to stay over at my place...
Kime : Maybe he just thinks of me as a fuck buddy. Oh god, Takashi, what if he does?
Takashi : ...*sits down beside his friend* ....well, that's cruel.
Takashi : But you know what, I don't think Wasshi is that type of guy. I won't be surprised if it's Eiji but Wasshi? I'm not sure, Kime.
Takashi : Have you ever... ask him? You know, it's your ability after all to squeeze what people are actually thinking.
Takashi : *takes Kime's hand and squeezes it gently*
Kime : It's not exactly cruel, isn't it? If I asked, he would've taken me home himself....
Kime : At first, I was thinking that this is his way of taking this slow, you know. But it's been months now... Well, everytime I ask why I can't stay, he gives me that reason... I haven't really ask him, though... I think I'm scared if he'll finally tell the truth. That I am just his fuck buddy...
Kime : ....Do you think I should really ask him?
Takashi : *cringes* Well, Yuuichi also left after our first... I remembered I was quite upset back then... but by then I already knew that he's blunt so I just had to come up to him and confronted about it... But, honestly, I don't know how things work with Wasshi...
Takashi : ... So, I think you should ask. You don't deserve to be treated like this, you know.
Takashi : Or... do you want me to talk to him?
Kime : OH NO, PLEASE DON'T! Let me handle this myself. You're not supposed to know about this anyway *grins* But... okay, I'll think about asking him then...
Kime : *blows out a huge breath of relief* Okay, enough with my dramatic episode... this is your day after all. Tell me what's new, Takashi, about you, your relationship, this day, anything! I'd like to take my mind off mine for a while.


As Kime listens to Takashi's embarrassed protests, back in the bedroom, Yuuichi's being embarassed by his friend's persistent curiosity.

Yuuichi : Stop it with the questions, Eiji, or I'll hammer your head into the wood now! Geez...
Eiji : *ignores the younger man and nudges Yuuichi's rib with his elbow* No hurt in telling, Yuuichi! And judging by that emotional burst and your implicit confession just now, there's nothing shameful to tell.
Eiji : *stops in the middle of hammering* ....unless, you're letting him topping you... *gives a look at Yuuichi*
Yuuichi : Well, mind you, the only way he's topping me is because I LET him do so...
Yuuichi : But before you laugh at my face, we kind of do it interchangeably. I top him most of the time, though.
Yuuichi : ............*catches himself* ....I'm not supposed to tell you this stuff....
Eiji : *laughs out loud*
Eiji : *hugs Yuuichi's neck and whispers conspiratorily* But, seriously, how is it? Come ooonnn... I always brag to you whenever I have a date. *nudges the neck* Tell me, tell me.
Eiji : I'm sure he's telling Kime. *wriggles his eyebrow*
Yuuichi : ..... *freezes for a moment*
Yuuichi : Well, that's just something I have to live with. Takashi shares EVERYTHING with him, you know. It's really scary to think about it.... What if they're talking about the sex, too.... Or comparing sizes... *shivers*
Eiji : Then brag! So you have a defense if one day he decides to blackmail you.
Eiji : And don't you worry about Abe.
Yuuichi : Why should I worry about Abe?
Eiji : *shuts his mouth* Never mind. So?
Yuuichi : What do you mean, nevermind!? What, what, tell me!
Eiji : Nothing! Don't change the topic, Yuuichi. I'm curious about your sex life here.
Eiji : Don't let this old man die in curiosity!
Yuuichi : And yet, you mention other man's name? What's with Abe?
Eiji : *sighs dramatically* If I tell you, you will answer my question? *grins*
Yuuichi : Okay *grins*
Eiji : But swear on your life that you would never. ever. talk about this to anyone else. Well, I'm not suppose telling you, anyway.
Yuuichi : Just tell me, dammit!
Eiji : You sure? Okay, then. I think he's got a thing for Takashi. That's why he broke up with Kime.
Eiji : Now, answer me.
Yuuichi : WHUT!?
Yuuichi : WHEN? HOW? WHYY?
Eiji : You're too loud!! *slaps Yuuichi's head*
Eiji : Do you want Takashi and Kime to hear you? Baka!
Eiji : I don't know how or why but I guess he already fancied Takashi since our Tenimyu days but he already got Kime by that time.
Eiji : I just heard that he casually meet up with Takashi through Kime or several other friends. I also heard that Abe helped with that Funny Bunny play.
Yuuichi : *scowls* I didn't think I should've kept my eyes on him...
Yuuichi : *hammers another nail rather aggressively*
Eiji : That's why I said you shouldn't worry about him. He got chickened out. That's why he left Kime.
Eiji : There. I've told you. Now, answer me.
Yuuichi : *gives the final loud bang on the nail* What was the question again?
Eiji : Che. I knew it's a mistake to tell you about it. Now, look at you. All heaten up like that.
Eiji : Look, Takashi didn't react to him. So, chill out, will ya? And I'm asking how's the sex with Takashi.
Yuuichi : *blows a breath*
Yuuichi : This might sound cliche, but it's the best I have had.
Yuuichi : And this might disgust you, but sex with men turns out to be... a lot better than with women...
Eiji : *looks horrified* Really? How so?
Eiji : Surely, no busts that are big and soft and men's bodies are hard! I can't imagine how could you say that it's better than with women!
Yuuichi : *takes a peek at the door to make sure no one is within earshot*
Yuuichi : *leans forward to whisper into Eiji's ear*
Yuuichi : Men are fucking tighter... back there...
Yuuichi : *smirks*
Eiji : .............................
Eiji : Well, I always refuse the idea of butt-fucking, but... *cringes* honestly?
Eiji : Damn! If you love it so much, I bet it's really good, huh?
Yuuichi : Just one thrust, man, if you're not good at holding it back, you'll simply just explode. It takes only one thrust. Imagine doing it all night long...
Yuuichi : Of course it helps that he'll be moaning and begging for a release...
Eiji : How's it compared to women who's doing kegel?
Yuuichi : What's kegel?
Eiji : I've dated one and believe me, she was gooood *nods*
Eiji : You don't know?
Eiji : It's some kind of exercises women do to train their vaginal muscles. They learn to control them. So they squeezes harder, you know.
Eiji : And those ones were the best sex I ever had.
Yuuichi : But, you know, pussies are designed to automatically extend during sex, right? The holes back there, they don't extend as much as pussies.... *raises an eyebrow at Eiji*
Yuuichi : ....Hey, do you think there's also an exercise to train the muscles up your ass?
Yuuichi : Because that'll make it even more FANTASTIC.
Eiji : Okay, stop. You got me disgusted there. I'm sorry for asking. Forget it.
Eiji : *takes another piece of board* Give me that nail.
Yuuichi : *laughs* Well, you asked for it...
Eiji : *shivers*
Yuuichi : By the way... have you ever?
Yuuichi : Do a man, I mean. Or at least be touched by another man?
Eiji : *points the hammer to Yuuichi* Don't.Go.There. Okay? Just don't.


Meanwhile inside the closet,

Takashi : *rolls eyes at Kime's persistence* What else do I need to tell you?
Takashi : I've told you everything already. *laughs*
Kime : Tell me ANYTHING, Takashi, to keep this day solely as your day, and not worrying over my relationship problems...
Kime : Tell me about Tsucchi, then, if you like.
Takashi : *chuckles* Well, I bet you know him just as better as I know him.
Kime : Of course I don't! I don't sleep with the guy! If this is still about what I told you this morning, the drop it, Takashi. I don't know him as you know him... *scowls*
Takashi : *laughs* Sorry. I didn't mean it that way.
Kime : *sighs and shakes his head* No, no, sorry, it's my fault. I'm just in a really weird mood right now...
Takashi : *bites his lower lip* Do you know that he gave up this closet to me and named it cutely just to store my whole stuffs so it won't clatter around this apartement saying that he actually had a thing about sharing space with other people and it really hurt me then?

He says all that in one deep intake of breath.

Takashi : I almost thought that he's not actually comfortable with the whole idea.
Takashi : *sighs dramatically*
Kime : ...He did that?
Kime : But he's agreed to your living together, right? So at least he's making an attempt to adapt.
Takashi : After some argument and me pouting, he agreed. *winces* Yeah... I shouldn't thinking about it anymore, right?
Kime : *appears to think for a little while*
Kime : No, I don't think you should stop thinking about it. I mean, well, yes, don't think about it ALL the time, but...watch him. Give him some time and watch him. See if he's making a progress to this cohabitating thing. Would he be happy with it? Would he be depressed instead? You can decide what you're going to do at that time.
Kime : But that's just my suggestion. You know him a lot better, so you decide how you're going to do this *smiles*
Kime : *wraps an arm around Takashi's shoulder and sways them both a little bit* But you know.... Takashi Closet is kinda cute... Tsucchi has a whole closet, albeit small, in his apartment dedicated just for you. I wish I had such a closet in Nobu's place....
Takashi : *grins happily* I know. And that pink-framed-mirror is the cutest. *points to the mirror beside them*
Takashi : *flicks Kime's chin* It took 4 years for me to get Takashi Closet. You should be more patient *grins*
Takashi : I'm sure Wasshi has no ill-intention to you. If he does, I will be the first to send him to hell. You mark my words. The deepest pit of hell. *nods*
Kime : *chuckles* You wouldn't dare lay a hand on a pnish member. You love them all too much!
Takashi : Well, I can always work on something *grins wide*
Kime : *laughs* I knew I befriended you for a reason!
Kime : *jumps up, off the trunks* Okay, let's get this done already!
Takashi : Here, help me with this coat. It can't get a wrinkle whatsoever.


Daiki throws his body on to Tuti's black leather coach, just beside Eiji who already sprawled on it, and groans aloud. Wasshi joins the two of them but on the floor since the other side of the couch already occupied by Kime.

Finally all the works of stacking Takashi's stuffs are done. Several new cabinets and drawers occupy some corner of Tuti's used to be minimalist apartment. It's still minimalist, Yuuichi had sternly made his point when they were out shopping, only a bit... full.

Eiji : We're done, right? Right? *turns to Kime*
Kime : *glowers* Ask Takashi about it. Don't ask me!
Eiji : Well, you're the one who's in charge the whole day! Urgh, my hips still hurt, you know.
Daiki : Cut it out, Eiji! Your hips are fine! *slaps Eiji's head*
Wasshi : *chuckles*
Daiki : *turns to Yuuichi* Ne, we're done, right? Or is there anything else you want us to do?
Yuuichi : What are you asking me for? My stuff is fine. *shouts to Takashi who's still inside the Takashi Closet* Hey, Takashi, do you still need these guys?
Daiki : *throws a pillow at Yuuichi's head* What do you take us for? Roadies?

There's no response from inside the Closet.

Yuuichi raises an eyebrow.

Yuuichi : Hey, Takashi?
Kime : *glances at Yuuichi* Maybe you should check up on him.

Yuuichi stands up and walks toward the closet. Immediately he sees the back of his lover facing him.

Yuuichi : *leans against the doorway* Ne, Takashi, didn't you hear me just now?
Yuuichi : What'cha doing in there?
Takashi : *startles and slowly turns to his partner, smiling* Nothing.
Takashi : I didn't hear you, sorry. What's up?
Yuuichi : Do you still need the guys to help out with something?

Takashi walks to his lover to pop his head out and sees the guys are sprawling over the couch. He grins.

Takashi : No. I guess, that's everything.

He then pushes Yuuichi aside a bit, to make way for him and walks up to their friends.

Takashi : Thank you, guys. You're a big help. *grins*
Daiki : *waves his hand* Naaah, it's okay.
Eiji : Beer!! We need beer now!
Eiji : *nudges Kime's knee with his own* Ne, since you prepared lunch, I take it you prepared the beer too?
Kime : *covers his mouth* I knew it I've forgotten something!
Eiji : Huh? You mean...
Kime : *stands up abruptly* I mean nothing, Eiji! I'll just take care of it right now. Tsucchi, come with me to the conbini!
Yuuichi : EEH?
Yuuichi : Why me??
Kime : You're the host. You make us work. So you buy us some beer. Come on!! *drags Yuuichi out*

He grabs Yuuichi's hand firmly and bring them out of the apartment without hearing the loud protest Yuuichi is throwing. Once outside they are outside the building, Kime lifts up both of his arms to the air and stretches his body.

Kime : Oh, I think I need a good bubble bath at home later tonight.
Yuuichi : Take one of my LUSH bath bombs, if you like. I recommend the Luscious Lavender for you *smiles*
Yuuichi : In fact, take as many as you like. Consider it as a big thank you for all you've done today.
Kime : Heee?? That's so generous of you I have to think you mean something behind it other than gratitude...
Kime : No. Takashi is so fond of your LUSH. He'll kill me if I take your kindness *smiles*
Yuuichi : I don't have any other motive but to thank you! Hey! Don't I get to be nice without you suspecting me, huh?
Yuuichi : *slaps his hand playfully against Kime's shoulder*
Yuuichi : Don't worry about it. I have tons of them. The fans keep sending me those, so I don't think I'll run out of them anytime soon *chuckles*
Kime : *looks at the ground* Ne, you have to make sure that Takashi is happy, okay?
Yuuichi : About Takashi... I'm trying my best here, Kime...
Yuuichi : But I keep making mistakes...
Kime : Well, people make mistakes but make sure you're not letting yourself doing one. Especially about Takashi. It's only that he loves you so much that he won't let you go.
Kime : But, next time, who knows?
Kime : You're one lucky guy. You know that, don't you?
Yuuichi : That's what I keep telling myself every night, Kime, when I watch him falls asleep next to me...
Yuuichi : ....You know, maybe I need some help...
Kime : *raises eyebrow* About what?
Yuuichi : You care so much about him, being his closest friend and all, and you and I have gone a long back as well, so maybe you can be more objective than he and I can be about our relationship...
Yuuichi : So, if you see I'm doing something wrong, something out of line, or if you think we're going the wrong way, would you mind smacking our heads a little and tell us?
Kime : Well, you know I'd love to help my friends. But don't you think that it's something that you should be aware of yourself?
Kime : Not that I mind smacking you on the head. Oh, believe me, I'll enjoy it sooo much. *smiles smiles*
Yuuichi : Oh you will, won't you? *leers at Kime*
Yuuichi : Well, okay, I don't actually like having someone tell me that I'm wrong in doing something, but I know blunder from time to time. Just, you know, save your bitching until you see something really self-destructive or something. ...Shit, I hate thinking about this...
Yuuichi : Think of it as you being a godmother to our relationship...
Kime : *laughs* Why do I have to be a godmother to your relationship? I think you hate people meddling in your relationship!
Kime : Your relationship isn't normal, Tsucchi. But try not to think that something dreadfull will happen, will you? Takashi deserves to be happy and so do you. But how can you make him happy if you're thinking so negative?
Yuuichi : *scratches the back of his head* ...I guess you're right...

At that time they have reached the nearest konbini. They spent some time picking everyone's favorite brands and some snacks. They split the plastic bags and walk back to Yuuichi's apartment.

Yuuichi : I guess I haven't thanked you all this time.
Yuuichi : For not screaming bloody murder at me when you found out that I was sleeping with your best friend.
Yuuichi : Not that it mattered much to me if you did, though. I'd still see him, even if you'd protested. But... you didn't. You actually gave your blessings. It means a whole world for Takashi for you to do that, and so it means a lot to me too.
Yuuichi : *hits Kime's ass with the plastic bag he's carrying* Sankyuu, ne, Nee-san. You've been a great friend for us *grins wickedly*
Kime : *yelps and glowers dangerously at Yuuichi* Don't make me commit homicide now!!
Kime : And don't call me Nee-chan! *kicks Yuuichi's shin*
Kime : It's only that Takashi is so dear to me that I didn't do something horrible to you. He was so cute when he told me that he has feelings for you *giggles*
Kime : And I trust Takashi for his judgement. *nods* Besides, I'll always stand behind him in case you turned into a complete idiot and ruin everything.
Kime : *flicks his bangs aside* See? Without you asking, I've already the godmother of your relationship.
Yuuichi : *grumbles* No, you're just being a godmother to Takashi...
Yuuichi : I knew I should've asked Eiji instead...
Yuuichi : *steps into his apartment building* Speaking of Eiji, I thought I heard him mention something about you and Abe? What's that about?
Kime : *raises eyebrow* Eh? You don't know?
Kime : *sighs* I've broken up with him. But that's an old story.
Yuuichi : .............. *stares at Kime*
Yuuichi : An old story?? You and Abe being a thing is still a new story for me! I knew you guys were kinda flirting around during the Tenimyu, but I didn't think it was serious...
Kime : What do you mean it's still a new thing for you? Abe and I were dating long before you and Takashi!
Yuuichi : *steps out of the elevator* Well, you guys didn't exactly announce it to everyone, did you? How was I supposed to know? Moreover, the whole cast was drifted apart from each other after the graduation... And damn that Takashi for not telling me!
Yuuichi : To think I share pnish's darkest secrets with him.... *gets all huffed up*
Kime : That's because you're dumb, Tsucchi. The whole casts knew about me and Abe! So it wasn't like Takashi didn't tell you a thing because everybody else knew.
Kime : Oh, stop talking about me and Abe. It's over. Besides, it's Takashi's day. Let's not ruin it by brooding over my love life, okay?
Yuuichi : You mean our day right? The day for me and Takashi?
Yuuichi : It is something we're doing together after all. I'm also a part of this, oyy!

Kime looks at Yuuichi for a whole minute and smiles in satisfaction.

Kime : Good.
Yuuichi : *narrows his eyes at Kime*
Yuuichi : ...You actually still have a problem with me snatching your best friend away from you, don't you?
Kime : I'm only concern with Takashi's well being. He loves you too much. I just want him to be happy. Despite the fact that this is so romantic, you're making a huge step here. Even I have never step this far before.
Kime : *opens the door to Yuuichi's apartment*
Kime : I just want to make sure that you know what you're doing.
Takashi : What is he doing?

Takashi is standing behind the door, casting a curious look to his partner and his best friend.

Kime : Takashi, you startled me! What are you doing standing there? Miss Tsucchi already? Geez...
Takashi : *pouts* You're taking too long! And Eiji's whining! I was about to check on you guys.
Kime : *frowns at his friend*
Takashi : What? Don't I have the right to get worry?
Kime : No, of course not. *rushes inside, ignoring his friend* Here, Eiji! Beer! You may stop whining now!
Eiji : *from the dining room* I don't whine! OII!!
Daiki & Wasshi : *laughs*

Takashi is still standing there at the genkan. The Pout stays on his lips as Kime bitches over Eiji.

Yuuichi bends slightly to throws his plastic bag-bearing hand around Takashi's shoulder and land a kiss on the patch of hair above an ear.

Yuuichi : Hey. Got you a bag of Pinof here *smiles*
Takashi : He's not saying anything strange to you, is he?
Yuuichi : *grins* He always says strange things. He's Kime after all.
Kime : *from the living room* I heard that!!
Yuuichi : Is that why you wanted to check up on us? Don't worry, I could easily swat him like a fly *flicks his fingers*
Kime : I heard that too!!

Takashi frowns and suddenly turns around to wrap his hands around Yuuichi's body. He buries his face into Yuuichi's chest and squeezes his partner before letting go and takes the plastic bag from Yuuichi.

Grinning, Yuuichi takes his plastic bags and jumps straight into the middle of his circle of friends. Laughing and speaking so loud, he lays out the food and drinks over the coffee table. With a can of cheap konbini wine in one hand, he sinks into the couch.

He's smiling his widest smile at Takashi at the moment.

Yup. This is definitely not a happy day only for Takashi. He didn't expect to feel this happy with this abrupt change.

But he can make his peace with this. Definitely.
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