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11 November 2008 @ 01:04 pm
Anyone still curious about the chronicle?  
:: The Chronicle of TutixNagayan ::
The part 10 ~A Small Serious Talk~

starring :
tonomurajiro as Nagayama Takashi
scratchbook as Tsuchiya Yuuichi

setting :
Tuti's apartment... er...their apartment now? *grins*

timeline :
the night of the moving in, after everything is unpacked and stored into place.

Takashi throws his body on to the black leather cushion. He lays on his back while eyeing the new cabinets and several adjustment of furnitures.

His scripts, CDs, DVDs, and several other document are kept inside a black cabinet beside the television set. There is also a smaller cabinet which contain some gifts from his fan. Yuuichi has also installed another cabinet in his -their bedroom to store several checkered comforters, blankets, and towels.

The Takashi Closet is packed with his wardrobe and nohohons. And he manage to place come checkered mat in the bathroom.

Takashi sighs. A small smile is on his lips. He's tired but he's happy. Starting today, everything's going to be different and he's excited about it. Despite some disturbing fact that he discovered today, he can't help to push it aside and smiling.

Yuuichi hovers above the couch, passing a cold can of beer to his lover. When Takashi looks up to him, he kisses those smiling lips.

Yuuichi : That's one happy smile you've got there *grins*
Takashi : *opens the can* Well, people are smiling when they feel happy, right?
Takashi : And you're having that stupid smug grin on your face *eyes sparkles*

Yuuichi jumps over the couch's backrest and slides down next to the other man. The stupid smug grin is still on his face.

Yuuichi : This is the grin of exhaustion *opens his can and takes a sip*
Yuuichi : *grins* And yeah, I guess I'm also a bit happy.
Yuuichi : There won't be any days where you have to leave for your apartment in the morning. I can tie you up in my...our bed now for as long as I like.
Takashi : *sips on his beer* Bastard. I know the only reason you're agreeing on this is just because of the sex.
Takashi : *narrows his eyes* Wait until I tie you inside Takashi Closet...
Yuuichi : Be my guest, Takashi. I'd never refuse a chance of being tied up with you in small spaces *grins*

Yuuichi throws his arm around Takashi's neck and bring those lips onto his.

Takashi licks Yuuichi's lower lip before kissing the other man. He tilts his head a little to find a more comfortable position as he teases Yuuichi to open his mouth and probes his tongue inside, playfully flicks against Yuuichi's.

Takashi : *chuckles*
Yuuichi : *moans softly* You're not thinking... of doing it now, are you?
Takashi : Why? *kisses* Too tired?
Yuuichi : Exhausted. I think I pulled a muscle carrying that script box.
Yuuichi : A long, hot bath, however, wouldn't be such a bad idea *kisses* You wanna?
Takashi : *kisses* Yeah, that'll be nice...

Takashi releases himself from his lover and drags Yuuichi to the bathroom.

Takashi : Since you're complaining about strained muscles, I take it you'd refuse if I ask you to carry me to the bathroom *grins* So, let's go.
Yuuichi : You should carry me instead!
Takashi : You're heavy!!
Yuuichi : As if you're not!!
Takashi : I'm still lighter than you!!
Yuuichi : But you're the one with the black belt in karate *grins*
Takashi : Stupid. *grins back*

Yuuichi opens the bath tub faucet. As warm water starts to fill up the black modern tub, he browses through the pile of bath bombs by the sink.

Yuuichi : We're both dead tired right now, right? So... we need something relaxing... How about this Avobath? *takes the green, sparkling bath bomb*

Takashi strips off his clothes and drops it into the laundry basket. He approaches his lover and has both of his hands on Yuuichi's hips. He tugs on the hem of Yuuichi's shirt while smiling naughtily.

Takashi : Whatever's fine. I trust your LUSH.
Yuuichi: *swallows slowly*
Yuuichi : *takes the Sex Bomb instead and pops it into the tub*

The bomb fizzles as it hits the water, sending a strong vanilla scent into the air, and bright pink hue into the water.

Yuuichi : *takes off his shirt*

Then he pulls Takashi closer, while gently kissing his lips.

Yuuichi: I've been wanting to do this since this morning...
Takashi : *fumbles with Yuuichi's belt while kissing back* Hmm... If you told me, I could always call Kime and said that we have a re-schedule...
Yuuichi : *chuckles in the kiss* Like that can happen... we're all busy people...
Yuuichi : *awkwardly peels his pants off his legs while still kissing his lover* It's actually more... tempting... When the guys are around, I can't freely do these things to you. And the more I can't do it, the more I want to do it... Now it's time to pick up my prize.. *chuckles*
Yuuichi : *nibbles on Takashi's lower lip*

Takashi's eyes sparkles while trying to help Yuuichi by kicking away the pants. His hands slide along Yuuichi's back and down to squeeze his partner's ass playfully.

Takashi : *chuckles* I thought you're exhausted...
Yuuichi : *yelps*
Yuuichi : I am exhausted. But lemme assure you, this won't kill me *chuckles*
Yuuichi: Ah! The water!

Pink warm water is sloshing near the edge of the tub. Yuuichi quickly turns off the faucets. The scent is tempting as hell. He dips his hand into the pinkiness and find it comfortably warm.

Yuuichi : Come on.

Carefully, he slips into the tub while extending his hand toward Takashi.

Takashi smiles and takes that hand. He follows his lover to dip into the warm and sweet-scented water but he slips behind Yuuichi. He softly pulls Yuuichi closer to him, chest against back.

The water sloshes around them and Takashi drapes his arms around Yuuichi's shoulder. He gives one shoulder a soft kiss which trailes up to the skin behind Yuuichi's ear.

Yuuichi moans delightfully. He closes his eyes and leans back against the other man's chest. The warmth in the arms around his shoulder, in the water that envelops him, and the pleasant touches are enough to renjuvenate his system. He can forget about the muscle sores all over his body right now and just indulge himself.

Yuuichi : Unnnhh.... This feels incredible...

He reaches a hand back to bury it in Takashi's soft hair. Gently, almost absent-mindedly, he strokes those strands lovingly.

Yuuichi : I could just close my eyes and sleeps until next week. I don't even care if I should ever wake up... *whimpers in delight*
Takashi : *softly bites the tip of Yuuichi's ear* That would be a problem for me. *chuckles*
Yuuichi : Why?
Yuuichi : You could just sleep here with me...
Takashi : We'll be drowning by then...
Yuuichi : I wouldn't mind. It'd be kinda cool, drowning together... *chuckles*
Takashi : *takes a look at Yuuichi's face* What? You want us to end up like those lousy soap opera?
Yuuichi : *snorts* It's just an expression, Takashi. Don't take it too literally. You're ruining the moment, dammit!
Yuuichi : *shifts his position, which causes his back and butt to snuggle against Takashi's naked front.
Yuuichi : *acts all huffed-up*
Takashi : *moans a little and bites Yuuichi's neck*
Takashi : Then use other expression
Yuuichi : Sorry, can't come up with anything else now. This feels too good...

Takashi starts to knead the muscle under his hand.

Takashi : This too? *smirks*

His hand slides down to Yuuichi's abs and softly rubs the skin there.

Takashi : This feels good too? *kisses Yuuichi's shoulder again*
Yuuichi : *moans* God, yes...

He shivers a little as the soft rubs hit his ticklish spot, but he's too mesmerized right now to be ticklish.

Yuuichi : *points to a spot on his shoulder* There too... I think something pulled a little when I lifted the bedroom cabinet...

Takashi cups the water in his hand and let it pours on the spot Yuuichi pointed. He then presses lightly there.

Takashi : Hmm... I guess something is strained... *presses some more*
Takashi : *chuckles*
Yuuichi : Here too, here too... *points to a spot on his forearm* It hurt when Daiki-chan slapped me here...
Takashi : *bites the spot*
Yuuichi : Itaaaiii!! You're not helping here, mou... *feigns a pout*
Takashi : *pouts back*
Takashi : I'm not pampering you for things like that.
Yuuichi : But you should! If it isn't you, then who else could I ask to pamper me? *grins*

He twists his body slightly so he can land a kiss on the other man's cheek.

Takashi : You still have Yumiko-san *grins*
Yuuichi : *kisses the tip of Takashi's lips* Yumiko doesn't pamper me. She'd throw me into the water blindfolded so I could learn how to swim.
Yuuichi : But when I did learn, she'd buy me a special meal from our favorite curry place *chuckles deeply*
Takashi : *caresses Yuuichi's stomach again* That's a very... interesting way to make someone to learn something...
Takashi : *kisses* But I'd really love to see that... *chuckles along* It'd be really fun to see you struggling, blindfolded, in the water...
Takashi : *runs his fingers over one nipple* Maybe I should try it someday... *grins*
Yuuichi : What? You want to try being thrown into the water blindfoldedly?
Takashi : *pinches the nipple* No! I want to throw YOU into the water blindfolded.
Yuuichi : *laughs, and hisses a little at the nipple pinch* Now, you're a little sadist..
Yuuichi : But if it was you, I wouldn't mind... *buries his fingers in Takashi's hair and kisses him*
Yuuichi : You could drive a knife into me, and I still wouldn't mind... *gently kisses Takashi's eyelids*
Takashi : *chuckles and kisses the tip of Yuuichi's nose* I wonder what makes you an utter sapp today...
Takashi : Not that I mind seeing you professing your love for me like that... *flicks the nipple with his thumb and kisses Yuuichi's cheek*
Yuuichi : It's amusing to know that you consider such gorish violence sappy...
Yuuichi : Amusing... in a bizarre, twisted way... *grins*
Takashi : *kisses Yuuichi* I'll just blame that vampire movie...

Then he gives a bear hug to his partner and nibbles on Yuuichi's earlobe.

Takashi : This feels so nice...
Yuuichi : Uh-huh... *nuzzles Takashi's neck* And we get to do this every day now. You know, this is actually the main reason why I agreed to this cohabitating thing. Bathroom sex, everyday.
Yuuichi : *grins*
Takashi : *rolls eyes* I knew it. But I won't whine...

His hand crawls lower from the other man's chest to Yuuichi's flat abdomen and stops under the navel. His thumb caresses the skin there.

Takashi : Because it's always fun to see you quivering under my touch like this *grins playfully*

His body trembles, not quite ticklish, but more exhilirated. He turns around again so he can lean back against his lover's chest, his head against Takashi's shoulder.

Yuuichi : *closes his eyes, enjoys the lazy caress across his skin* I was serious, you know...
Takashi : *kisses Yuuichi's cheek* You'd just surrender that willingly?
Yuuichi : *kisses the palm of Takashi's hand* Only to you...
Takashi : *pouts a little* Saying those things is cheating, you know...
Yuuichi : *curls his brows* Cheating?
Takashi : You only make me falling even more for you *blushes a little and kisses Yuuichi's cheek*
Yuuichi : *smiles* And how is that cheating?
Takashi : *pouts* well, I'm trying to bond you tighter to me but you only need to say those words to make it works...
Yuuichi : *nuzzles Takashi's jaw* Could it be any tighter than it is now?
Takashi : *frowns a little* You're right...
Yuuichi : ....*tilts his head* But you don't think so?
Takashi : .........*kisses his partner*
Takashi : Kime and I had a talk...
Yuuichi : Oh-oh. Am I in trouble now? *raises an eyebrow*
Takashi : ...he offers to help if we ever want to get married...
Yuuichi : Help how?
Takashi : He has a friend who married his guy in Canada... He said he can ask for some info from them if I want to... *shrugs*
Takashi : *tightens his hug* ...... *sighs* .... forget it...

Yuuichi falls silent, as he stares at the bubbly water.

Yuuichi : ...I thought we're already practically married? We have the rings, we have made promises to each other, we're living together and all...
Yuuichi : *absent-mindedly strokes Takashi's arm*
Takashi : Yeah... that's why I said forget it... It's silly. And I hate being like this...
Yuuichi: ...But you mentioned it... so you must've thought about it?
Takashi : *buries his face into the crook of Yuuichi's shoulder* I shouldn't have...
Yuuichi : *chuckles and turns slightly aside* What are you doing?

Takashi lifts his face and pouts to his lover.

Yuuichi : It's okay telling me that, you know...
Yuuichi : *kisses Takashi's cheeks*
Takashi : Even if I sound so pushy and selfish? *cringes*
Yuuichi : I think I'm used to that already...
Takashi : *pouts*
Takashi : I'm serious!
Yuuichi : *laughs* Well, yeah, I'm being serious too!
Yuuichi : Even if I make loud protests about it or get all upset with it, you'd be able to handle me in the end. The moment I got into a relationship with you, I'm pretty much doomed, you know. I should say goodbye to my free will... *grumbles*
Takashi : You can always tell me if you have something against my thoughts, you know...
Takashi : You don't have to always let me win over you...
Yuuichi : That goes into the loud protests part *grins*
Takashi : I tricked you into this... I just don't want to do that again... *kisses*
Yuuichi : It's really okay. It'll make up for my selfish and pushy request *grins*
Takashi : *chuckles and kisses Yuuichi again*
Yuuichi : Ne...
Yuuichi : Is that what you really want to do?
Takashi : I know I should be satisfied with our current state... and I said so myself when we promised each other...
Yuuichi : I sense there's a "but" coming...
Takashi : *pouts* don't make me say it
Yuuichi : Well, like I said, since you brought it up, you must've been thinking about it. Am I right?
Takashi : *nods*
Yuuichi : And you haven't answered my earlier question.
Takashi : Well... yes... that'll be great if we can actually get married, you know... but I don't want to do it if you don't want to... Like I said, I don't want to trick you again...
Takashi : And we still have many things to settle... and seeing your first reaction to this whole living together thing, I'm not sure I can ask you to do that... *silently*
Takashi : *softly kisses Yuuichi's cheek*
Yuuichi : *looks down at the bubbly water*
Yuuichi : It's not the same thing...
Takashi : It's not?
Yuuichi : My... reluctance to share my private spaces to getting married have different reasons.
Yuuichi : The first one comes from my own personal issues... but the second one...
Yuuichi : Marriage is something I've given up four years ago...

Takashi's brows knit in curiosity.

Takashi : Why? Something happened? You never told me that you have a trauma or something...
Yuuichi : *splashes bubbles everywhere* No, it's not a trauma! Geez, what's the matter with you!? What kind of a sick, sick person do you think I am, having so many traumas!?
Yuuichi : Mou..
Takashi : *pouts* I'm just asking!! Why else someone given up on something if not because of trauma?
Yuuichi : There are many reasons!! Is that the best one you can come up with!? Geez!
Takashi : *pouts even more* You don't have to get so loud because I can't come up with something else!
Takashi : *lets go of his hold around Yuuichi*
Yuuichi : But I'm always loud!
Takashi : *splashes the water to Yuuichi's face*
Takashi : Just answer me!
Yuuichi : *splashes back* Well, it's my mother, you see!
Takashi : *blinks* *wipes the water from his face* What's the matter with your mother?
Yuuichi : ....There's nothing wrong actually.... it's just...
Yuuichi : ...It's just that... if I couldn't give her the perfect wedding, I might as well wouldn't do it...
Takashi : *absent-mindedly plays with the flower petal* ...and because you're with me, you can't give her the perfect wedding....
Takashi : ....It's not like I can give one for my parents too...
Takashi : .............. See? That's why I said just forget it... *laughs bitterly*

Yuuichi reaches for Takashi's head and kisses those lips and those cheeks.

Yuuichi : *whispers* I'm sorry...
Takashi : *shakes his head* No, don't. I know it's stupid... I should draw the line where I should stop being selfish about us...
Yuuichi : *shakes his head* It's not selfish...
Yuuichi : It's really hard, isn't it? This relationship of ours... it's like we're hurting a lot of people just by being together...
Yuuichi : Don't you get the wrong idea, Yumiko supports us. I know she does... But I also know she's been keeping her mother's white kimono for my bride-to-be to wear in our wedding ceremony... That kimono is now being kept at the furthest corner of her wardrobe. It probably won't ever see the light of day again... I feel like I'm breaking her heart, even more because she supports us... *breathes out a heavy sigh*
Yuuichi : I can't even begin to imagine what your parents will feel when they find out about us... You're such the golden child of your family... *kisses his lover's forehead*
Takashi : *takes a deep breath* It's not that... They pretty much always support me in everything I do... For people who are conservatives, they're really something...
Takashi : It's just... Nii-san and Sachiko Nee-san... they've been through a lot before finally they have Rin... and the doctor had stated that it's impossible for her to have another child...
Takashi : And my parents still want a grandson...
Takashi : I had disappointed them when I did that nude photobook. It takes a very long time for them to forget about that eventhough I know they haven't fully forgive me for doing such thing. I always make sure that I won't do something that might let them down again.
Takashi : But this... Us...
Takashi : ....I can't imagine the look in their eyes if they find out about us...
Yuuichi : *kisses* So... are you planning on keeping this from them?
Takashi : *shakes head* I can't do that...
Takashi : They have to know about the person I've chosen to be my life-partner... They have to know about you...
Takashi : I just... don't know how to tell them this...
Yuuichi : *kisses* We'll figure it out. We will...
Yuuichi : In the mean time, come here, let's switch position. I want to wash your back... *grins*

Takashi smiles a little and kisses his lover before moving in the tub, shifting their position and making the water sloshes a bit to the floor, and letting Yuuichi sits behind him. He splashes the pink sweet scented warm water to his own face.

Yuuichi leans forward and kisses his lover's back, humming delightfully despite the seriously gloomy conversation they've just had.

Yuuichi : You smell like something pink. It's nice...

Takashi can't help but smiling too. It always amazes him how Yuuichi can brighten his mood in a matter of a second. He leans back to his lover's touch while grinning.

Takashi : *chuckles* This LUSH Bomb IS pink, baka.

Yuuichi wraps his arms around Takashi's shoulder, and pulls the other man close to his body. Kissing the back of that wet neck, he smiles as he thinks how comfortably fit to each other they are. He holds his lover tight, not really caring if it slightly hurts Takashi.

When Takashi shifted a little in his arms, he tightens his hold even more.

Takashi : Yuuichi, you're going to suffocate me... *chuckles*
Yuuichi : *chuckles deeply* You'll live.
Yuuichi : Ne, Takashi...
Yuuichi : Let's just enjoy our time for now, ne.
Yuuichi : We've just started over, and we're just stepping into this new phase in our relationship. Let's just enjoy this for a while. I'm still recovering from the shock that we're acting like adults now, sharing a life together *chuckles*
Yuuichi : We'll deal with the other stuff later, when it's neccessary to deal with them...
Yuuichi : *kisses that neck again*
Takashi : *squirms a little* I guess you're right...
Takashi : *sighs loudly*
Takashi : ...and I'm being stupid by letting Kime's words got into me *pouts a little*
Yuuichi : *chuckles* Kime does have that effect on people...
Takashi : *turns around to kiss Yuuichi and whispers huskily* You're really going to sleep after this?
Yuuichi : *raises an eyebrow* Who says anything about sleeping?
Yuuichi : *wiggles both eyebrows*
Takashi : *nibbles Yuuichi's lower lip playfully* You said you're exhausted... I take it you'd definitely fall asleep when you hit the bed...
Yuuichi : I am exhausted... but a little friendly groping under the blanket won't kill me too badly... Wanna go to bed now? I think I'm wrinkling massively here *grins*
Takashi : *chuckles happily* Yeah, me too. And I'd really appreciate a piggy-bagging to the bedroom *smiles*
Yuuichi : You fiend! I'm exhausted as hell here!!
Yuuichi : What, do you want to do that newly-wed tradition, where the groom carries the bride into their new house?
Takashi : At least I deserve to be treated as the old tradition *grins widely*
Takashi : *kisses Yuuichi* Ne?
Yuuichi : Are we going to do this naked and wet??
Yuuichi : What will my neighbors say??
Takashi : We're freaks, remember?
Takashi : But if you're too embarassed to do that, you can carry me to our bedroom *smiles smiles*

Yuuichi carefully steps out of the bathtub, dripping scented pink water onto the cold floor. He dries himself with a towel, then, taking another dry one, he reaches out a hand toward his lover.

Yuuichi : C'mere. Careful now, kinda slippery this bathwater...

Takashi grins wide and makes his way out of the tub. He purposefully stumbles into Yuuichi's body while grinning.

Takashi : Oops... *grins*
Yuuichi : *rolls his eyes* If you want to touch me, you can just do it, man. No need for old tricks like that.

He dries Takashi's hair with the towel, then wraps it around the shivering body. He leans in for a light kiss, before swooping the other man into his arms.

And falls like a rock to the floor in a tangle of wet limbs and damp towels.

Takashi yelps but then laughs out loud as they lay flat on the floor, him being on top of his lover.

Takashi : *kisses Yuuichi* We're such a mess. *laughs* You okay?
Takashi : *tries to stand up*
Yuuichi : *laughs* A bit sore here and there, but alive.
Yuuichi : You're suprisingly heavy!!
Takashi : Well, that's surprising that you only recognized it now *pretends to pout*
Takashi : Oh, right. You don't pay any attention during sex *lowers himself again to bite his lover's lower lip* Come on, up!

He pushes himself to his feet while trying to drag Yuuichi along. Once on their feet, Takashi drapes himself around his lover again.

Takashi : I guess, this is the second time I don't get you to carry me? *smiles playfully*
Yuuichi : The second time?
Takashi : *pouts* Mou
Yuuichi : Anyway, since we're not exactly bride and groom, come on, hop on to my back *grins*

Takashi grins back and moves around. Using Yuuichi's shoulder as his support, he hops to his lovers back. Then with his legs draped around his lover's waist and his arms around Yuuichi's shoulders, Takashi nudges Yuuichi's back with his front

Takashi : *chuckles* Come on! I starts to get really cold...
Yuuichi : Yosshaaa! Away to bed, my lovely groom~!

Yuuichi drags both of their weight into the bedroom, stumbling and tripping and groaning along the way, while laughing and shouting insanely loud nonsense that gets them laughing like wild monkeys when they finally topples onto the futon.

Lying on his stomach on the futon, still laughing, Yuuichi looks sideways to Takashi, who is gleefully wiping the tears that come out with his laughter. Yuuichi reaches out for his lover's hand and squeezes it warmly.

They're gonna be okay.

They have to be.

He doesn't see any other way but going forward. Nothing that makes him laugh as happily as he does now should end up bad. At least, he must try to not let it go bad.

The feeling's scary as hell. But they're gonna be okay.

They're gonna.
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denkira: txn_peace sighdenkira on November 11th, 2008 09:01 pm (UTC)
Kyaaaa~~~~~!!!!!! I was so excited when I saw that you two had posted a new chapter ^___^ It's soooo lovely ♥ It really made me think and I even got depressed halfway, but the ending was totally awesome *___* Really thank you, both of you, for this awesomeness ♥

tonomurajiro, I'm really sorry for not replying on YM sometimes :( Because of our time difference, you're usually on when it's morning here and I have to study then :( Gomenneeee, I really want to talk more with you :( ♥
Panda^^tonomurajiro on November 12th, 2008 03:27 am (UTC)
Yaaayy~ I'm really glad that someone still following this chronicle!! *dances around the room* I think everyone else is already get bored or something XD;;

You're welcome~ ♥ We're really happy that you like this ♥

Oh, hahahha, it's okay! I should've known about the time difference *bangs head* I'm at GMT+07.00 time zone. Tell me which time zone are you in? So maybe I can PM you at more proper time XDD It's easier with analineblue because if it's night for me then it's morning for her XDD
denkira: tuti_depresseddenkira on November 12th, 2008 09:45 am (UTC)
How can I not follow something so great?! It's awesome really, I'm pretty sure I'll follow this to the end ♥ Really, great job, both of you. I absolutely love the way you portrait Nagayan ♥

Well I'm GMT+02.00...so it should be five hours right? Whenever I'm free at the morning (which probably won't happen soon but still XD) I'll be sure to write to you on YM~~!
Panda^^tonomurajiro on November 12th, 2008 10:25 am (UTC)
Thank you again~ ♥ But it's getting slower at the moment because of work etc so please pray for us so we can finish this no matter how long it'll take? XDD

Okay! *notes down* I won't disturb you in the morning any time soon XD;; It's 5:24 PM here so it's 10:24 PM there, am I right?