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24 August 2009 @ 03:27 pm
TutixNagayan Chronicle Spinoff  
The Chronicle of TutixNagayan
The Spin-off ~Movie Marathon~

starring :
Nagayama Takashi by tonomurajiro
Tsuchiya Yuuichi by scratchbook

setting :
The Apartment

The living room is slightly dark. The only light is the changing color from the television set. The coffee table is packed with several cans of beer - empty and unopen -, some snacks wrapping, an opened pack of pinof, a pack of Pianissimo and a lighter beside it, and a half-full ashtray. The speaker is assisting the digital sound effect that supported the movie.

Two figures occupy the black leathered sofa. The taller one is smoking, with another arm settled on the head rest. The other one is right beside him, leaning his back to the taller one's side. A checkered comforter's been draped around his shoulders and a bowl of popcorn is on his lap.

Takashi : *shifts his position and rest his head on Yuuichi's arm that on the head rest*
Takashi : *eats the popcorn* Is gender issue a trend in these series?
Takashi : Can people just accept the fact that they got the job?
Takashi : And why he has to always be so sarcastic?
Yuuichi : *reaches for a handful of popcorn into the bowl* Well, he's in pain, he's suffering, so he'd like the rest of the world to suffer just like him. I guess...
Takashi : It's absurd!
Takashi : But he's interesting *nods*
Yuuichi : And here I thought you'd be annoyed by him *chuckles*
Yuuichi : *eats his popcorn*
Takashi : He annoyed me, yeah. But some quality he has *grins* I can see that he's quite charming... *chuckles*
Takashi : and the way he's whining about things remind me of you *grins*
Yuuichi : *raises an eyebrow lazily* Are you telling me I'm whiny?
Yuuichi : *scoffs*
Takashi : I didn't say that. *reaches out to the table for his beer*
Yuuichi : Well, whatever you meant by that, I won't sit quietly while you're hinting that I'm whiny, you Mister I-can't-leave-home-if-my-hair-isn't-blow-dried-yet *chuckles*
Takashi : *turns his head slightly to narrow his eyes dangerously at the other man* I have to maintain my look, Mister I-can't-sleep-unless-someone-hug-me!
Yuuichi : *laughs out loud* What the hell are you talking about? You're the snuggler between the two of us!
Takashi : *snorts*
Yuuichi : *chuckles deeply as he pulls the other man tighter into his arms and kisses the offendingly straight hair*
Yuuichi : Let's go back to watching? I think we missed that v-fib crisis.
Takashi : Huh. You're the one who change the subject. Anyway, I'm sure they'll do another MRI and another breaking in.

He shifts a little to kiss Yuuichi's jawline before averting his eyes to the screen again.

Takashi : Can we watch something from Pixar after this?
Yuuichi : *cringes behind Takashi's head* ...Again?
Yuuichi : Haven't we, like, watched all of them?
Takashi : I miss Nemo!!
Takashi : And it's been a while since the last time we watched The Incredibles!
Yuuichi : Last time was two weeks ago, Takashi...
Yuuichi : And we still have a bunch of other series to watch, remember?
Takashi : *pouts* I don't even remember why I agreed to do this series marathon
Takashi : And the series are not over yet!
Yuuichi : You said you wanted to spend the night just watching movies, so I suggested this and you said yes. No more complaining now. Just shut up, sit tight and watch. I love you, by the way.
Yuuichi : *bites his lips to stop himself from chuckling*

Takashi blinks for a second there and rolls his eyes. He turns to take a good look to Yuuichi.

Takashi : That is such a very lame way to shut me up, you know

but his eyes twinkle mischievously.

Takashi : *looks into Yuuichi's eyes for another minute, smirks, and turns to the TV again*
Takashi : Fine, fine. I'll shut up.
Yuuichi : *kisses the back of Takashi's neck* Atta boy...

He tugs the other man closer, so Takashi is almost sitting on his lap by now.

Yuuichi : *sighs a long, happy sigh*
Takashi : *takes Yuuichi's arm and places it to rest on top of his stomach and entwines their fingers*


Takashi flushes the toilet, washes his hands, and switches off the toilet's light before walking back to the living room where the DVD marathon is still on going. They're taking a break for toilet and snacks re-fill and some bitching over Yuuichi to order a take out for their dinner on Takashi's part.

He passes the living room to go straight to the kitchen and checks on the fridge. He takes out another can of beer -Yuuichi has made sure they won't run out of beer during the marathon.

Takashi : *approaches Yuuichi* Have you order?
Yuuichi : *browses through the pile of dvds* Nope. Whatever you'll order, make it two.
Takashi : *stomps his foot on to the paneled floor* I told you to order!
Takashi : Mou! You didn't even listen, did you?
Yuuichi : *distracted* I thought you said you were going to order.
Takashi : *pouts* I said it's dinner time and I'm hungry and I needed to take a leak so you should order some food for us!!
Yuuichi : *turns to look at the other man* ...Someone sure is bitchy tonight...
Yuuichi : What happened during the last episode of House?
Takashi : *narrows his eyes dangerously* I think I let Cameron got into me
Yuuichi : *raises an eyebrow* What's that supposed to mean anyway?
Takashi : Nothing. You're going to order or not?
Takashi : I'm hungry!

Yuuichi, half-laughing, half-frowning, picks up the wireless telephone from the coffee table. He sits on the couch, then, as he speed-dials a curry restaurant where he's a regular in, he taps the empty space on the couch next to him.

Yuuichi : C'mere, sit. You're in a weird mood and I'm gonna fix it.
Yuuichi : Is curry okay?
Takashi : *is still pouting but drags himself to the sofa lazily and sits on the far side of the sofa*
Takashi : I can eat anything right now *grumbles*

As Yuuichi order the meals, he distractedly pulls Takashi slightly closer for a quick kiss on Takashi's hair. The call goes on a little since Yuuichi knows the restaurant guy rather well. When he's done, one set of super hot indian curry and one set of regular curry is coming their way.

Yuuichi : *puts the phone receiver back on the coffee table and flashes a wide smile at his lover* Foodage is coming.
Yuuichi : Now, c'mere... *sits sideways on the couch, faces Takashi, and tugs him closer*
Takashi : *releases a sigh and inches closer to the taller man*
Takashi : *sits sideways too, crosses his legs, and still pouting*

Yuuichi turns his lover around, pulling him into his arms so Takashi sits between Yuuichi's open legs, chest against back. He comfortably leans back a little.

Yuuichi : So, what's with the sudden mood change? Getting tired already? *kisses his lover's head*
Takashi : and hungry
Takashi : I need some food and you ignored my need.
Yuuichi : I didn't ignore you... I think I just didn't hear you right *kisses Takashi's neck*
Yuuichi : *thinks* ......If we watch Nemo now, are you going to stop sulking?
Takashi : cheap bribing *bites his lower lip*
Yuuichi : You get your movie, and your food shortly, and you have me. What more do you need? *grins*
Takashi : *bites down his own grin* A cup of starbucks will complete it... *nods*
Yuuichi : Don't push your luck, Takashi...
Takashi : *pinches Yuuichi's thigh*
Takashi : Fine. I'll get my own starbucks. Give me a kiss and that'll settle it. You really are unromantic.
Yuuichi : *chuckles and kiss the other man* Well, excuse me for that, but I thought you like the unromantic me.
Takashi : *kisses back* It can't be help.
Takashi : *nibbles on his partner upper lip* I can't get rid of it because it came in one package *grins* Now, Nemo!!

He chuckles gleefully and releases himself from the other man and walks over the DVD player. While Takashi rummages inside his DVD cabinet, the microwave dings.

Takashi : *pulls out his Nemo DVD box* Ah! I put some popcorn in the microwave. Would you look at it? *gives a look to Yuuichi*
Yuuichi : Can we just let the delivery guy in later and ask him to get the popcorn for us?
Yuuichi : *stretches out* I'm already sooo comfortable here...

With several long strides, Takashi is standing beside his partner to give him a smack on the head and then strodes to the kitchen to get the popcorn himself. He's back with a bowl of popcorn, pops in the Nemo DVD and sits on the floor.

Yuuichi reaches out to tug Takashi's shirt a little.

Yuuichi : Oii, what are you doing down there? Get your ass up here, where it's warm~

Takashi turns around to reach out for his checkered blanket. He wraps it around himself and settles the popcorn bowl on his lap as his eyes fixates on the scene of a barrier reef.

Takashi : *slowly eats the popcorn*

Yuuichi smiles amusedly. He knows Takashi is in a mood in which he can't be messed with. Despite knowing this, he knows he can't help but to tease. He sticks out one of his legs to poke Takashi in the back with his toe.

Yuuichi : Heey, share the blanket, Takashi~ It's cold~
Yuuichi : *toe-pokes* *toe-pokes*
Takashi : *tightens the blanket* Take another one!
Yuuichi : I don't want another one! I want yours!

He runs his toe slowly up and down Takashi's spine, adding pressure so that Takashi would still feel it even through the thick blanket. He's grinning as mischievous as a cat.

Takashi : *turns sharply to the other man and hisses* Don't do that!

And he moves away to other end of the room, away from the sofa but where he still can see the TV and leans to the wall. He glowers to his lover and positively pouting and annoyed.

Yuuichi : *rolls his eyes*

He drops down to the floor and starts to slowly and playfully crawl toward his lover, his expression all wicked and playful. He looks like an overgrown tabby. When he reaches the spot where Takashi's sitting, he crouches next to him and grins.

Yuuichi : ..................
Yuuichi : .....Nyaaaaango~~ *does his Tsucchiemon pose*
Takashi : Haha. Nice try.
Takashi : *rolls his eyes*
Yuuichi : Thanks, I do always try my best.
Yuuichi : Ah, you're right, this is a better spot to watch the TV from. You can't get that bright glare off the screen if you sit right here. A bit hard on the ass, though, but one'll live.
Takashi : ..................
Takashi : *inches away*
Takashi : *chuckles at Dory and eats the popcorn again*
Yuuichi : *inches closer*
Yuuichi : You're so pretty when you sulk...

Takashi lands a quite hard slap on Yuuichi's cheek and stands up as the door bell rings.

Takashi : You're sleeping outside tonight.


Yuuichi is sitting on the couch. His lanky body sinks a few inches into the comfy couch, while his long legs are spread open carelessly. He's drinking from a glass of iced coffee. Another cigarette is burning between his fingers. He quietly watches The Incredibles that is playing on the screen.

He's been quiet for two movies now, which is a rare thing to happen.

He blows a mouthful of smoke into the already nicotine-polluted air as JackJack beats up the bad guys. Every once in a while, though, when Takashi isn't looking, he'd steal a glance at him. But damn him if he's going to talk. His cheek stings still.

Takashi crouches at the other end of the sofa. An opened box of pinof is in his hand while the other hand is being licked and sucked absent-mindedly.

The movie is about to end. He sighs loudly at that. He always enjoy The Incredibles. Hell, it's his favorite which turned to be their favorite. But Yuuichi's been silent during the movie and Takashi doesn't really care. Takashi's still sulking after the earlier incident.

After all, he's the one who has the right to sulk. Not Yuuichi.

He sighs once again as the credit titles starts to roll up the screen. He sucks on another lump of pinof before standing up to change to another movie.

Yuuichi watches silently as the other man seems to pop another dvd into the machine.

Takashi still gives him the cold treatment, for reasons he can't fathom. He's the one who was slapped, for heaven's sake. He's seriously angry that Takashi would do that, knowing that Takashi understands how Yuuichi is when he's joking around. This is a big bummer! What Yuuichi has planned to be a great time wasting away their days-off together, has turned into something like this.


Takashi browses over the pile of DVDs Yuuichi has stocked for them to watch. He licks his lower lip and pops the first disc to the next season of Prison Break. And then he trots to the kitchen to get him another serving of ice coffee.

He glances to Yuuichi along the way and frowns a little at the expression on his lover's eyes.

Yuuichi : *despite himself* So, what, now you just pop whatever movie you want to watch into the player without even asking me if I want to watch it too?
Takashi : *opens the fridge and refills his glass*

Takashi goes back to the living room and pops out the DVD from the player and smiles sweetly to his partner.

Takashi : Oh, my bad. What do you want to watch, Tsuchiya-sama?
Yuuichi : ........
Yuuichi : *mumbles* ...wellprisonbreakisfine...
Takashi : *raises his eyebrow and pops the disc back into the player*

After glancing once again to his partner, Takashi props himself back to the sofa again. And silently sips on his ice coffee.

Takashi : You don't have the right to sulk, you know *pouts at the empty pinof box and reaches for another unopened one*
Yuuichi : And you didn't have to hit me! *huffs up*
Takashi : You deserved it! *pouts*
Yuuichi : I deserve to be slapped? Is that what you're saying?
Yuuichi : What? What did I do to deserve such a childish reaction?
Takashi : *snaps* Childish? YOU didn't even listen to me and YOU annoyed me big time! Of course you deserved to be slapped!
Yuuichi : I was just joking around!!
Takashi : So you should know that I wasn't in the mood to joke around!!
Takashi : *downs half of his ice coffee*
Yuuichi : But you usually just pout it away....
Takashi : But you were extremely annoying...
Yuuichi : Well, I'm sorry, then.
Yuuichi : Maybe this is not a good idea after all, being cooped up here for the whole day.
Takashi : *fumbles with the hem of his black & white striped tank top* ....snotsobad...
Yuuichi : How could it not be so bad if you spent most of the day pouting and slapping people?
Takashi : Mou! Why you have to be so annoying? I'm saying that it's not so bad because it's rare thing for us to do!
Takashi : I will keep on pouting if you keep on to be so annoying like that *pouts*
Yuuichi : If you're going to keep pouting even after I apologize, then maybe we should call this off.
Yuuichi : It's obviously not the kind of fun time I've thought this was going to be, and you're obviously not enjoying your time here, so...
Takashi : If you promise me you're not going to annoy me again, I'll stop pouting.
Yuuichi : And what kinds of things I do that you find annoying today?
Takashi : You're staring at me with that look

Takashi stares at Yuuichi for a while.

Takashi : ....did that hurt...? *silently*
Yuuichi : ...No, not anymore...
Yuuichi : ...What look?
Takashi : That... you're hurt or something... It should be me... *averts his eyes to the screen*
Yuuichi : What the hell are you talking about?
Takashi : Well, I'm the one who should get hurt because you're not listening to me... not you.
Takashi : Ah, mou~! We're only going in circle here! *buries his face to his knees*
Yuuichi : Why are you making a big deal out of this?
Yuuichi : This is just movie night, for crying out loud...
Takashi : *sighs* I don't like being ignored... especially by you *blushes a little*
Yuuichi : *stares at Takashi*
Yuuichi : ...Even for just little things like that?
Takashi : *nods*
Takashi : little things like that... are important, you know... *shrugs* at least for me...
Yuuichi : ...I don't like being hit too...
Yuuichi : Especially by you...
Takashi : *sighs*
Takashi : I'm sorry?
Yuuichi : *frowns* Are you?
Takashi : Are you?
Yuuichi : *twitches lips* I am if you are.

Takashi sighs again and puts the glass he's been holding on to the coffee table before turning to the taller man.

Takashi : *reaches out his hand* Come here.

Yuuichi turns around and scooches closer to his lover, a wide grin suddenly breaks on his lips. He is quick to take Takashi into his awkward hug, then kisses his cheek.

Takashi : *softly rubs the slightly red cheek* It's really not hurt anymore?
Yuuichi : It still is!! Look how red it is!!
Yuuichi : You were so bad, hitting me that hard...
Yuuichi : *looks hurt*
Takashi : *pouts*
Takashi : It's your own fault. Now, shut up.
Takashi : *kisses the red cheek*
Yuuichi : It's still hurt....
Takashi : *kisses again*
Yuuichi : Still not enough... *shakes his head sadly*

Takashi looks into Yuuichi's eyes and pushes the other man on to the cushion and plants a kiss on his partner's lips.

Takashi : still not enough?
Takashi : *kisses*
Yuuichi : *grins idiotically* This is the best part of the whole day.
Takashi : *rolls his eyes but chuckles softly and kisses Yuuichi again*


The night has gotten late. The ending credit of the last episode of first season Heroes is running on the TV screen. More delivery food boxes are scattered on the coffee table and around the couch. The couch has been extended a few hours ago, so they have gotten rather sleepy lying on the comfy expanse.

Yuuichi kisses the head that lies on his chest.

Yuuichi : Oh shit... it's time to change the cd again...
Yuuichi : *chuckles*
Yuuichi : My least favorite moment...

Takashi shifts lazily against the warmth of his partner's body.

Takashi : *pouts a little* I'm sleepy already
Yuuichi : Hmm... okay, this isn't good... we still have piles of dvds to watch...
Yuuichi : We need something to wake us up....
Yuuichi : What's next? Action films?
Yuuichi : Thriller? Horror? Ah, we do have that Supernatural series... I haven't watched it yet, but I heard it's really scary
Yuuichi : How 'bout it?
Takashi : *frowns* Horror?
Takashi : *bites on his lowe lip* ....okay. Maybe that'll wake us up...
Takashi : But rather than that... what is it again? Supernatural? There's something I want to watch since long time ago...
Takashi : ...but no one want to watch it with me. So since it's not that fun if I watch it alone, I haven't watch it yet....
Yuuichi : *raises an eyebrow* What? What is it?
Takashi : The Ring.
Yuuichi : ..............
Yuuichi : *snorts loudly and laughs*
Yuuichi : You haven't watched it not because it's not fun to watch it alone! You haven't watched it because YOU'RE SCARED!
Yuuichi : *laughs*
Yuuichi : Geez, seriously, you haven't watched a classic like that??
Takashi : I'M NOT SCARED!! *pouts*
Takashi : It's the type of film that you have to watch it with someone else, right?
Takashi : So... you know... it's more fun that way... *averts his eyes away*
Yuuichi : Yeah, you have to watch it with someone else... if you're a chicken wuss! *laughs*
Yuuichi : *kisses Takashi's forehead* Oww, it's okay, Takashi, I'll watch it with you. Let me look for it first...

Yuuichi scrambles off the couch, suddenly fired up, and goes to rummage in his dvd cabinet.

Takashi : *sits up* I told you I'm NOT SCARED!!
Yuuichi : Sure, sure...

He finds the dvd and pops it into the machine. Then he hops back onto the couch, positioning himself behind his lover so Takashi would sit between his legs, and cuddles him from behind.

Yuuichi : Here, I have you now, so it's alright... But if you want to scream, it's OK too... *sniggers*
Takashi : I'm not going to scream! Mou~
Takashi : *takes his checkered blanket*
Takashi : I'm not some school-girl who goes shrieking over some horror movie *pouts again but leans deeper into Yuuichi's embrace*
Takashi : And don't act like you're not scared at all!!
Yuuichi : I won't be scared. I've watched it a million times *kisses Takashi's neck*
Yuuichi : And you're not some highschool girl shrieking over some horror movie. You're a 29 year-old man who shrieks over some horror movie, which is cuter somehow *chuckles*
Takashi : *jabs Yuuichi's stomach with his elbow*
Yuuichi : *chuckles loudly* I love youu...
Takashi : *snorts and shifts a little*

The screen has already plays a scene of some teenagers having some vacation in an inn and ends up watching a strange videos.

Takashi : *cringes at the annoying back sound*
Takashi : What's that sound?
Yuuichi : *bites his grin*
Takashi : *releases a deep breath as the scene turns to conversation mode*
Takashi : I can never understand people who got curious over supernatural things like that...
Takashi : I mean... if there's a possibility that your life is in danger, what for?
Takashi : *curses as the scene of a girl found dead in her closet* fuck!
Yuuichi : *chuckles*
Yuuichi : *kisses the back of Takashi's neck*
Yuuichi : You know, if people in horror films act like you, there won't be anything to watch for the rest of the film *chuckles*
Takashi : It's just an opinion *grumbles*
Takashi : *pulls his legs to his chest*
Yuuichi : No need to get defensive *grins* I'm not laughing at you, I'm just saying.
Yuuichi : But, you know, I can't help to notice that you're really cute when you're cowering like this *grins even wider*
Takashi : Yuuichi! You're suppose to watch THIS with me instead of watching ME! *pouts*
Yuuichi : Hai, hai, relax, you're missing the movie *chuckles*

The quiet part goes by with Takashi's eyes nailed to the TV screen and Yuuichi's to his lover.

Then something happen on the screen. Something white is suddenly reflected on a tv screen in the movie. Yuuichi waits for the reaction.

Takashi gasps sharply and curses as he clutches the blanket around his body even tighter.

Takashi : ssshhhiiittt...

This is certainly scary. He thinks as he shifts uncomfortably in his seat. He sinks even deeper into his lover's chest.

Takashi : Is she going to get out from that TV? Is this that part which people talk about? Is it? *whispers rather shakily*
Yuuichi : *strokes Takashi's hair lovingly* It's... really better if you see it for yourself, Takashi.
Yuuichi : *playfully* Just remember, you can always hold my hands throughout the whole film *grins*

Then the telephone rings. Takashi jumps a little.

Takashi : *slowly takes Yuuichi's hand* shut up, okay?
Takashi : It's just because you also did this with the boys at that haunted house... *pouts a little*

and he crushes that hand each time Sadako makes an appearance.

Yuuichi : You remember it wrong. The one who held hands in that haunted house are Eiji and Daiki-chan *cringes when his hand is squeezed*
Yuuichi : You're really so cuute~ *sighs lovingly*

Which gets another glare and hand squeeze, but Yuuichi just too happy for some reasons to actually care. The movie plays on, showing scenes after scenes of long talk and investigation, until they finally reach the last third of the movie, where things get really heart-racing. Yuuichi is also lost into the movie, distracted from his Takashi-watching by the more intense atmosphere of the film, that he forgets to make fun of Takashi's frequent hand-squeezes.

This is it... They're nearing the first climax of the plot, when the main characters are in that sewer, digging for the ghost's skeletons...

...and suddenly the skeleton hand grabs the woman's hand. Takashi yelps and jumps in his seat, bumping the top of his head against Yuuichi's chin.

Takashi : FUCK!!AWW!!
Takashi : *quickly turns around while rubbing his own head* Gomen, gomen!
Takashi : *cringes* That hurt?
Yuuichi : My god, Takashi, if I bit my tongue, I would've been dead by now...
Yuuichi : I need something to help me recover...
Yuuichi : *leans in for a kiss*
Yuuichi : *grins and settles Takashi again in his arms*
Takashi : *chuckles a little* Sorry, didn't mean that. Blame Sadako for that.
Takashi : *takes Yuuichi's hand again and fixes his eyes on the screen again*

and the scene turns into a calming atmosphere again as the characters thought that they had settled the problem.

Takashi : Oh, fuck! He hasn't ask someone to watch that video for him!
Yuuichi : It doesn't matter, right? They've cremated Sadako's skeletons after all. After this, it's just the ending scenes...
Takashi : What? Didn't you say you already watch this?
Yuuichi : Yes, a few times. That's why I know, and I'm telling you now.
Takashi : You sure no more scary scene? *winces*
Yuuichi : Don't worry, it's just smooth sailing from here.
Takashi : You sure? *still look dubious*

After seeing his lover nods his head, Takashi becomes a bit relax in the comfy of Yuuichi's arms. He's still holding his lover's hand and absently caress Yuuichi's wrist with his thumb.

But then the scene changes to the main male chara's living room where he turn off the TV and relaxes on his sofa and the TV turned on by itself revealing a random black-white lines like the end of the weird video.

Then the actor blinks as the scene in the video continues to the well where they found the girl's skeleton. And a hand appears from inside the well.

Takashi gasps and he shrinks into Yuuichi's chest.

Takashi : What's that!? You said...
Takashi : Oh, no!

the girl climb up the well slowly, crawling closer to the main actor and she crawls out of the TV set!!

Takashi : *squeezes Yuuichi's hand* She came out of the TV! She came out of the TV!!
Yuuichi : Owieowieowieowieee~~ *cringes at his squeezed hand*
Yuuichi : Yes I know!! Yes I know!! My hands!!
Takashi : *ignores his lover as Sadako stands up and chases the male actor* Ohshitohshitohshitohshitohshitohshitohshitohshit!!

and that famous Sadako's eyes come into close-up along with the annoying scarry sound becomes even louder.

Takashi yelps and instinctively turns around to hide his face in Yuuichi's chest while still protesting aloud about what he just saw.

Yuuichi : *stares wide-eyedly at the screen* Shit....shit...shitshitshitshitshe'scomingshitshitturnonallthelights,Takashishitshitshitshitooooh,hereshecomeeeesss
Yuuichi : *shuts his eyes closed and buries his face into Takashi's hair*
Takashi : *clutches Yuuichi's shirt* Isshegoneisshegoneisshegoneisshegone?
Yuuichi : IdunnoIdunnoIdunnoIdunnoIdunno~~
Yuuichi : THE MUSIC IS STILL PLAYING SO SHE... *opens his eyes a little* *quickly shuts them close again* OHNOSHE'SGETTINGCLOSER!! DAMNITTAKASHIYOUMADEMELOOK!!!

The music echoes louder and louder in the room, with the long-haired vengeful spirit keep getting closer and closer to the camera, moving in inhumanly jerks, closer and closer, the music is insanely twisted and noisy, and closer and closer...

Then the close-up of the twisted eyes suddenly appeared on screen!

Takashi : *peers a little* GYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!

and the male character lying on the floor with the most terrified expression on his face, dead.

Takashi : *shakes his head frantically, not wanting to move anywhere*


Takashi : *jumps to the other end of the couch, away from the telephone* FUCK!AREWECURSED??!!DON'TANSWERIT!!FUCK!!
Yuuichi : *wide-eyed* .......Do you think.... Do you think.... DO YOU THINK IT'S HER???
Yuuichi : *sweats*

The phone still rings.

Yuuichi : But...
Yuuichi : *stares at the phone*

Then in one swift, jerky motion, Yuuichi picks up the receiver.

Yuuichi : *swallows*

Yuuichi : ...MO-MO-MOSHIMOSHI?
Yuuichi : ...............................
Takashi : *looks at Yuuichi with horrifiedly* who is it? *whispers*

Takashi cowers inside his checkered blanket. His eyes glued to his lover horrifiedly.

Takashi : *whispers* who is it? it's not her, is it?
Takashi : who is it?
Yuuichi : *slumps his shoulders in relief* It's stupid Eiji.
Yuuichi : *speaks to the phone* What?
Yuuichi : ...No, I'm kinda busy right now....... Yeah... Yeah I know, I haven't been out much, but that's because I'm busy at home
Yuuichi : Hmm? NO! Don't come over!
Yuuichi : I'm busy...um... I'm doing a major cleaning in my apartment, so I'd rather not have anyone over because everything is a mess.
Yuuichi : 'Kay... 'Kay... Um, no, I don't know where Takashi is... must be busy too.... Yeah. Okay. Bye.
Yuuichi : *hangs up the phone*
Yuuichi : *grumbles* Stupid Eiji and his bad timing...
Takashi : *slowly crawls back to his lover and grips Yuuichi's shirt's sleeve* What? He asked you out?
Yuuichi : Yeah. When I said I can't, he wanted to come over... *grumbles*
Yuuichi : *looks at the screen* Ah, it's over... You missed the epilogue scene! It's kinda importand, dammit...
Takashi : *shivers* Don't care. And don't go anywhere, okay?
Yuuichi : *grins and sits back on the couch* Pretty intense, huh?
Yuuichi : That's still the scariest film I've seen so far.
Takashi : *snuggles* So I was right. It would be an insane thing to do to watch it alone
Takashi : and you said you already watched it many times but she still got you, huh?

Takashi takes and releases several deep breath as he leans in to his lover even closer and throws his arms around the taller man's body.

Takashi : *shrugs his head to Yuuichi's chest*
Yuuichi : Naaah, she didn't really get to me... I felt bad because you seemed so scared, so I screamed along with you so you wouldn't be embarrassed for screaming alone.
Yuuichi : *pats Takashi's head*
Takashi : Well, thank you for your kindness but you're the one who screamed to turn the DVD off, not me.
Yuuichi : I did that for your best interest.
Takashi : Uh huh. *lifts up his head to kiss Yuuichi* Just admit it that it still scares you.
Yuuichi : You were the one who didn't want me to pick up the call because you thought we were going to die *wiggles eyebrows*
Takashi : *pouts* You also thought that it was the cursed call
Yuuichi : Ah, but in the end, I picked it up. I'm no chicken wuss, Takashi *shakes his head sadly*
Takashi : So if I was the one who picked it up and it turned out to be the cursed call, you'll let me die?
Yuuichi : This is a moot point, because we both know there's no such thing as a cursed phone call.

Then a cellphone rings from somewhere close.

Yuuichi : *pales*
Takashi : *pales too* It's mine...

Takashi rummages around the couch between their bodies and the blanket. Finally he finds it slipped between the cuchion and eyeing the LCD for a whole full minute.

Yuuichi : Who's it from?
Takashi : *blinks* .......... *bites his lower lip*
Takashi : *flips open his phone* I'm busy. *flips it close again*
Takashi : No one.
Yuuichi : ........
Yuuichi : Whaddya mean, no one?? Who did you speak to?
Takashi : Really. It's no one. Let's just watch another movie. We haven't watch that Being John Malkovitz. You said I should watch it.
Yuuichi : No, you're changing the topic. Who was that?
Yuuichi : Obviously, it wasn't Sadako.
Takashi : *bites down his lower lip* but promise me you wan't fuse about it after I tell you okay?
Yuuichi : *quickly* Promise.
Takashi : It's Gaku. Now, let's watch something *stands up*

Takashi pops out The Ring DVD and puts it away as far as possible in the depth of the DVD cabinet and rummages around to find another DVD.

Yuuichi : Oh.
Yuuichi : Did you two have plans?
Takashi : Nothing as far as I remembered... *frowns* And you promised you won't fuse over it.
Yuuichi : Do you see me fusing? *raises an eyebrow*
Takashi : I'm stopping you before you do so. *pops a DVD*
Yuuichi : *scoffs* But of course you're busy. You're having a dvd marathon with me. That phone call was cursed after all...
Takashi : *sits beside Yuuichi again* Exactly why I said I'm busy. *kisses his lover*
Takashi : *somehow manages to find the remote and presses the 'play' button*
Yuuichi : *returns the kiss rather heatedly*
Yuuichi : *between kisses* Hmm... What're ya playing there?
Takashi : Hmm... *distractedly* ...something about someone... *kisses* called John something...
Yuuichi : *kisses* Johnny Cash?
Takashi : perhaps... *kisses*
Takashi : *frowns a little* Does he even play in a movie?
Takashi : *settles himself on Yuuichi's lap* Are we going to watch this or take a rest for a while? *sneaks a hand inside his lover's shirt*
Yuuichi : Hmm... I do think I need a shower...
Takashi : *grins* okay.
Yuuichi : I do think you need a shower too *grins*
Takashi : *kisses* I do think so too *grins wider*
Yuuichi : *laughs as he hops off the couch* Let's go then. Mr. John Something can wait.

hahahahaha that ended so lame ^^;;;;;;;;
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