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[Diamond Dust]

~ A Fleeting Caress ~

Diamond Dust ~A Fleeting Caress~
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A community that archives our tutixnagayan & moridai real person slash roleplayings.
Daiamondo Dasuto is a community to archive our role playing logs for the TutixNagayan and MorixDai fandoms. Yes, that's right, those are Real Person Slash fandoms, and yes, this is a fore-warning.

Because this is simply an archive for our RP logs, we don't accept new maintainers for now. Feel free to join and browse around or watch this community, if you like ^__^ Only maintainers can post on the comm, but everyone is free to comment (or not :P).

Another warning, though. None of us are English speakers, so even though we've tried to edit the logs, grammar mistakes are still bound to pop up here and there. Also, some of us mostly RP during office hours, so we tend to get distracted with work a lot. OOC-ness and general weirdness often happen. And don't expect deep, complicated plots. It's amazing enough that we can do this during work.... So, really, really sorry about that... m(_ _)m

What is?

A group of people got together one day when they realized they shared the same rabid, near-borderline obsession passionate interest in following the relationship between two stage actors, which later grew into the relationship between two pairs of stage performers. They speculate, theorize, debate, and bicker among themselves, and, naturally, stalk the actors' blogs. But even all those speculating, theorizing, debating, bickering and blog-stalking aren't enough to satisfy their mad craving for these actors. They've started to ROLE PLAY.

And the girls role play, and role play, and role play like there's no tomorrow. Pretty soon, the pile of RP logs in their YM multiply like bunnies on fire. Because they don't want to let those logs to gather dust in the Message Archive, or clutter their personal LJs and enrage their flist, they need a place to dump all these sap craps into one place, simply for the sake of archiving. And, maybe, because there might be someone out there who actually enjoys this stuff. Who knows, the world is a funny place, after all.

The Victims
(The pairings we RP as. As you can see, they're all stage performers from the Tenipuri and Bleach Musicals. And members of *pnish*, a dance/theater troupe)

Tsuchiya Yuuichi x Nagayama Takashi (tutixnagayan)
Moriyama Eiji x Sano Daiki (morixdai)

With the occasional cameos of:
Washio Noboru : A Member of *pnish*
Kimeru : A friend of Nagayama Takashi, who also their co-actor in Tenimyu
Isaka Tatsuya : A *pnish* fanboy, who also their co-actor in Burimyu
Kitamura Eiki : A friend of Tsuchiya Yuiichi & Nagayama Takashi, who also their co actor in Tenimyu & Burimyu
Kato Manabu : Their co-actor in Burimyu.

The Perpetrators
(The Partners in Crime)

- k_hitachiin
- rai_neko
- scratchbook
- synleezz
- tokie_chan
- tonomurajiro