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25 July 2008 @ 09:17 pm
Delayed June 30th last part!!  
~delayed June 30th celebration~

starring :
Tsuchiya Yuuichi by scratchbook
Nagayama Takashi by tonomurajiro

setting :

timeline :
June 30th & July 1st, 2008

Yuuichi tries to make his way swiftly through all those people who clutter the backstage to congratulate them. Along the way, he cranes his neck above the crowds, thankful for the fact that he's taller than most people in the room. He looks and looks and looks, while distractedly shaking people hands and receiving a clap on the back, until he find him at last.

He tries to make his way swiftly through all those people who clutter the backstage to congratulate them. Along the way, he cranes his neck above the crowds, thankful for the fact that he's taller than most people in the room. He looks and looks and looks, while distractedly shaking people hands and receiving a clap on the back, until he find him at last.

He can't really explain how he can spot him among the lively crowd. He just does. Though Takashi isn't the only one in the room wearing glasses or wears his hair in a ponytail.

Maybe the bright red pants help...

But no matter. That's Takashi alright. Yuuichi was ecstatic when he saw him in the guest tribune during the show. The excitement remains until the show ended, magnified even by the fact that he really does get to see his most important person in one of the most important nights of his life.

Several people talking in groups block his way. Exasperated, he takes a deep breath and shouts out loud, waving his hand so hard he almost topple the person stands beside him.

Yuuichi : *jumps up and down in fear that Takashi can't see him*


Takashi turns his face from whatever it is Gaku is telling him at the moment. A big grin blooms on his face as he hears the loud, almost embarassing calling of his name. He quickly disengage himself from Gaku, thankful that Mizuki is talking to the boy so Takashi can easily slip away.

Yuuichi : TAKASHIII~~!

He snakes between the throng, his smile getting wider the closer he gets to Yuuichi. His cheeks are pink, due to embarassment and the hot temperature of the room.

Finally, he stops in front of his partner and gives the sweaty beloved wide forehead a good smack.

Takashi : Baka! I'm not deaf!
Takashi : Geez, was it not enough embarassing me out there earlier? *puts on a pout but his eyes twinkle happily*
Yuuichi : Why were you embarassed?
Takashi : Well, people would normally embarassed if someone call them with ridiculously loud voice like you did. They don't want to be considered disable, you know.

Yuuichi blinks, seems to think for a minute, but then casually throws aside Takashi's words.

Yuuichi : Whatever. What's more important is... *takes Takashi's hands in his and does small, happy hops* ...you came!!
Yuuichi : *grins widely* You came, you came, you came~!!
Yuuichi : You came!
Takashi : *grins back and hops along with Yuuichi* Yes! Yes! I came! I came! I came~!!
Yuuichi : WHY? HOW? Oh like I care about that! You CAME!!
Takashi : *laughs* Yes, I came! Good lord, Yuuichi! You're breaking my hand.
Yuuichi : I can't believe this! How about your brother?
Yuuichi : Oh god, he's not going to want to kill me, is he? Did you tell him where you'd go?
Takashi : No homicide will happen to you. Lucky you. He let me go around 5. I took a taxi here. *grins*
Takashi : Anyway. You guys were awesome! I really enjoyed it. Where's Daiki-chan? I think I need to talk to him about what I said earlier *but doesn't let go of Yuuichi's hand*
Takashi : *takes a step closer to Yuuichi, instead*
Yuuichi : Hmmm.... I'm sure he's around here somewhere *doesn't take his eyes off Takashi*
Yuuichi : Come, I'll take you to him~ *tugs Takashi's hand*

He leads the way among the crowd, holding the other man's hand tightly in his. But right before they arrive near the circle of people in which a particular red head is being the center, Yuuichi quickly pulls the hand in his grip to follow him slip into a dim and deserted passageway.

He pushes the Takashi against the wall, not so very gently, and pins him with the length of his eager body. Without saying another word, he takes those lips into a deep, impatient kiss.

Takashi almost let out a loud protest when he's pushed against a wall but Yuuichi's lips block it. The next second, he's kissing back with the same urgency. His arm wraps around Yuuichi's shoulder and one leg is already making its way to slip between Yuuichi's long ones.

Takashi : *hums happily from the back of his throat*
Takashi : *slightly flushes*...I thought you also dislike making out in public places? *kisses*
Yuuichi : *kisses* This is discreet enough. For emergencies.
Yuuichi : Gods... I miss you... *kisses hungrily*
Takashi : *scrapes Yuuichi's nape gently* I miss you too... *flicks his tongue over Yuuichi's teeth*
Yuuichi : I'm so damn glad you came... *bites Takashi's lips*
Yuuichi : I really... really... really am...
Takashi : Is that it? *kisses* You're only glad that I came?
Takashi : *bites Yuuichi's lower lip rather hardly* ...jerk.
Yuuichi : *chuckles* Bitch...
Takashi : *gives Yuuichi a brief deep kiss and then pushes him away a little bit* Take me to Daiki-chan and then you can go to uchiage so we can go home soon.
Yuuichi : *groans as he pulls Takashi into his arms again* You'd rather see him than make out with me now?
snape_slut (2:45:02 PM): Yuuichi : You're so cold, Takashi... So cold...
Yuuichi : *grins*
Takashi : *nips the tip of Yuuichi's nose* Sadly, yes... *pouts a little* Shouganai deshou? I just want for everything to finish so I can go home with you...
Yuuichi : Hmm, now that's a plan I'm not going to stand against... *nuzzle Takashi's neck*
Yuuichi : But I can't seem to be able to detach myself from you, so... *nibbles Takashi's neck*
Takashi : *shudders but manage to let out a laugh* Nani sore~?
Takashi : *tries to pull away from Yuuichi again* Come on. At least let me be polite to Daiki-chan and the others. I'm here for *pnish* too, you know. Mainly for *pnish*.
Takashi : *catches Yuuichi's lips again with his own*

Yuuichi puts on a scowl and grumbles softly, but he gently pushes the other man back into the larger, more crowded backstage area.

Yuuichi : Fine, fine, let's get this over with. I have some plans that involves you, me and some vanilla-flavored whip cream tonight.
Takashi : *raises an eyebrow* Oh, really? Does it also involved a certain odeko-san tied up in bed?
Takashi : *grinning wide from cheek to cheek*
Yuuichi : Funny, because the one who's going to be tied up is a certain someone who wears pink underwear and has a big, throbbi--
Daiki : Heeeey, there you are! Where have you been? We almost leave you behind~
Daiki : Ooh, heeey, Takashi-kun~

Takashi have to suppress his laugh and waves back cheerfully to Daiki.

Takashi : Daiki-chan! Otsukaressu~ And congratulations! I really enjoyed the show.
Daiki : Ooh, you did? But hey, I thought you weren't going to come?
Daiki : Tsuchiya was loud yesterday. He kept on whining about that I had to give him a good and firm kick on his ass *nods*
Takashi : Hmm... I really want to see that *laughs*
Yuuichi : Wha? *looks scandalized* I never said that! I only asked if you were really going to disappoint one of your closest friends in their happy night *smirks*
Daiki : But you WERE loud about Takashi not coming. I heard you whining to Eiji *laughs out loud* Geez, Tsuchiya, you should see yourself...
Daiki : *turns to Takashi* Anyway. You're coming to uchiage are you?
Takashi : *smiles* Sure.
Daiki : Yosh! I'll go get Eiji. Tsuchiya, find Wasshi. We have to do the handshake in five minute. Go! Go! *claps his hands*
Takashi : Well, I'll go wait with Gaku until you guys finish the handshake event *smiles to Daiki and point somewhere random*

Yuuichi turns aside and stoops a little to whisper into Takashi's ears.

Yuuichi : *whispers* I swear, I'll try to make this as fast as I can~

Squinting his eyes threateningly at Gaku, Yuuichi points his index finger at the guy.

Yuuichi : I have my eyes on you. Be careful...

Gaku spluttered a surprise protest, not exactly willing to be the object of Yuuichi's sudden threat. But he falls into an obedient silent when Yuuichi's eyebrows twitch alarmingly right before he disappears onstage.

Takashi rolls his eyes as Yuuichi and the other *pnish* member disappear onstage. He drags Gaku to join the other kankeisha and wait for *pnish* to finish their handshake event and head to the uchiage, which takes place just across the street.


Much later that night, at the different side of the city, inside the bedroom of one Tsuchiya Yuuichi's apartment, two bodies sprawl on the messy futon. The smaller one on top of the taller one.

It was a little bit hot inside the room, despite the blowing air conditioner, and smell very strongly of sex. Two bottles of wine, two high glasses, condom wrappings, and some other stuffs are clattering around the futon. Clothes were already abandon even before they reached the room, too impatient to wait any minute longer of their postponed celebration, even though Yuuichi somehow managed to lock the front door.

Takashi is still trying to even his breath, slowly regaining his senses of his surrounding. He just lying there on top of his lover's body, not moving, enjoying the after glow that's still tingling all over his body. It feels nice and always one of moments in his life that Takashi enjoys the most.

When he feels Yuuichi's arms wrap around his shoulders, Takashi smiles a little and moves really slowly to kiss Yuuichi's collarbone.

Yuuichi : *groans lazily* Hmmm.... now this is what I call a happy anniversary... *kisses Takashi's damp hair*
Yuuichi : And a happy pnish birthday too *chuckles*
Yuuichi : Though the other guys aren't privileged to celebrate it with you like this *chuckles deeply*
Takashi : *chuckles* Hmm... I don't know... maybe we should do an orgy... you know, so we can celebrate together...
Takashi : It'll be fun *grins*

Yuuichi throws his back against the pillow, howling with laughter.

Yuuichi : Hell, no~!! I'd love to see you naked, Takashi, but seeing Eiji, Daiki-chan and Wasshi in the buff will most likely damage my brains for life.
Takashi : *laughs* And here I thought in you're 8 years, or more, friendship, you've seen at least Eiji naked...
Yuuichi : Well, yeah, but not in a sexual context~ God, I'm having goosebumps just talking about it like this *shudders*

Takashi laughs again and kisses his lover lazily.

Takashi : *chuckles* Hmm.. but you're right. This is what a happy annyversary should be... *kisses*
Takashi : *shifts lazily*
Yuuichi : For people who have known each other for five years, we sure haven't had that much sex... We should make this as...as some kind of a resolution. Before the sixth anniversary comes or something.
Takashi : *laughs* What do you mean we haven't had that much sex? We always end up wearing each other out whenever we have sex...
Takashi : And what do you mean with that resolution?
Takashi : You think we will be here for our sixth years? Or even five more years?

He's smiling but his eyes are looking deep into Yuuichi's.

Yuuichi : *looks surprised* I... I was thinking about our sixth anniversary, yes... I think... we'll survive from wearing each other out for another year...
Yuuichi : But you said... five years?
Yuuichi : Huh... *looks thoughtful*
Takashi : Not too sure, huh? *smiles a little*
Takashi : Perhaps you'll be bald by then *squints eyes*
Yuuichi : Oi! No one gets bald in five years when they're only 29!!
Yuuichi : *bites the skin on Takashi's jaw*
Takashi : Aw! *laughs* Well, it's not impossible. People get bald from stress too or... or... point is, it's not impossible.
Yuuichi : You want to see me get bald in five years, is that what this is? Is that your 10th anniversary resolution??
Takashi : *chuckles* No, you idiot.
Takashi : So you think we're still be able to wear each other out five years from now? Or you think you'll be someplace else? Doing something else?
Yuuichi : *rolls his eyes* Oh, I know where this is going. You're going to trick me into saying something really cheesy or sappy or both, arent' you?
Yuuichi : And when I refuse, you'll sulk. Then I'll spend the rest of the evening trying to apologize *chuckles*
Takashi : *pouts* I just want to know!
Yuuichi : *kisses the pout*
Takashi : I just think it'll be nice to still able to be here five years from now. But if you think it's cheesy or sappy, fine, I won't ask again.
Yuuichi : Aaaand, here comes the sulk *grins*
Yuuichi : Look, the only thing that will keep me from being here tonight, tomorrow, next year, or five years from now, is you.
Yuuichi : So, if you want me to, I'll stay here. Just like that, Takashi *kisses*
Takashi : Really? *raises eyebrow* Now that sounds so easy *kisses back*
Yuuichi : Really. It's that easy.
Yuuichi : I don't feel like dating other people~
Takashi : That's nice. *kisses*
Yuuichi : Hmm.... *kisses back* Somehow I can still taste the sulk lurking around... *chuckles*
Takashi : I'm not sulking. *nips Yuuichi's upper lip*
Takashi : I do think it's nice that you thought that way.
Yuuichi : *rises an eyebrow* Really?
Yuuichi : You sure?
Takashi : What?
Yuuichi : You sure you're not sulking? *grins*
Takashi : I said I'm not! *pouts*
Yuuichi : You're so cute~~ *huggles his lover*
Yuuichi : Ne, ne, tell me, how was our fifth year to you?
Takashi : *purses lips* Hmm...
Takashi : Let me put it this way : It's stressful, what's with us being away from each other most of the time, but I guess we're doing okay?
Yuuichi : Hmmm.... but this year, we got to work together in the same productions. And Aru Hi. Come on. THAT's got to be the silver lining in our relationship cloud?
Yuuichi : Even though you had to be away for the first two weeks of rehearsal... *sighs*
Takashi : *laughs* I can't agree more to that. But we're far busier than before this year.
Takashi : And are you going to sulk about that for the rest of our lives? *kisses Yuuichi while chuckling amusingly*
Yuuichi : Not if we can work together again in a similarly small cast *grins*
Yuuichi : Which reminds me, were you serious when you said you were going to be in a pnish show? I thought we've given up trying to change your management's mind.
Yuuichi : *props his elbow on the pillow and rests his head on his palm*
Takashi : *grins*
Takashi : I'm not sure about that... I guess it's just a spur of the moment thing? *chuckles*
Yuuichi : Don't joke about this, Takashi *pokes Takashi not-too-gently*. This is something I've seriously wanted to happen for years.
Yuuichi : I've been so happy after I heard you said that.
Takashi : O~w... *rubs the place Yuuichi poked and pokes Yuuichi back* Well, you know that I want to perform with *pnish* too.
Takashi : Let's take on the bright side, Yuuichi. With me saying that in front of 1000 people and more, the fans will be furious if my management is still being an ass... *smiles*
Yuuichi : Hmm... And we documented it for the pnish archive alright, so we have proof on video.
Takashi : See? *is still chuckling* I think it's about time I work with you guys, I mean on stage.
Takashi : *props his head on his elbow too* Besides, I miss reading with you... *smiles*
Yuuichi : *raises an eyebrow* Reading...? What, scripts?
Takashi : *looks at Yuuichi in disbelief* Of course, baka!
Yuuichi : But... *starts to laugh* But why? We can read scripts together whenever we want! I can help you rehearse and you can help me
Yuuichi : I miss us, on the stage, together, just lashing out in high tension with dialogues and...and... well, you know!
Takashi : Spreading the UST vibes between us that send the fangirls scream? *grins*
Yuuichi : Uh, yeah, that too... *chuckles*
Takashi : All thanks to you, by the way. Saying something like you wanted to do the play with me or else there was no point about it? Geez, Yuuichi, talking about being subtle... *feigns a pout*
Yuuichi : Oh, shut up, it got us what we want, right~
Takashi : What you wanted *pokes Yuuichi's chest*
Yuuichi : What, you didn't want it? *looks skeptical*
Takashi : Well, you got me when I read the script... damn you.
Takashi : Ne, tell me. What would you do if the producer decided to keep the role for Channaka, no matter what you said?
Yuuichi : I wouldn't let that happen. I'd be a pain in his ass and make it work my way *matter-of-factly*
Takashi : *chuckles* What if, Yuuichi. What if.
Yuuichi : Yeees, I know, I'm answering to your what-if. Not possible to happen.
Takashi : That producer really likes you, huh.
Yuuichi : Yeah, fortunately, he's a nice guy, and he's heard of your reputation in the theater business, so even tho.... wait the minute here... Takashi, what are you insinuating?
Yuuichi : *eyes twinkle mischievously* You think I slept with the guy so we both could nail the roles?
Takashi : *shrugs*
Yuuichi : What if I did? *looks amused*
Takashi : *frowns and looks really serious* You did?
Takashi : *frowns and looks really serious* Then I regret asking, I guess... *lays on his back and averts his eyes to the ceiling*
Yuuichi : And now you're sulking.
Yuuichi : What if I did that so that we could finally play together in such an intimate cast?
Takashi : Then I really should question your judgement for going that far. Shut up, Yuuichi.
Yuuichi : *laughs out loud*
Yuuichi : You believe I did that?
Takashi : *turns to look at his boyfriend* .... No.
Takashi : *leans in to place a kiss on Yuuichi's lips* Gomen.
Yuuichi : .................*rolls his eyes* You REALLY believed that!?
Takashi : Shut up. *blushes*
Yuuichi : Oh my god, Takashi, you really have that low an opinion for me?
Takashi : I don't! It's just... well, just the same as I'm questioning about Yuzawa-san, you know... *blushes deeply*
Yuuichi : God.... I can't believe he's coming up in our conversations again...
Yuuichi : That's just as old as... as my whining about Gaku!
Takashi : *shrugs* Can't help it. You jump into people like they're the most interesting thing on earth.
Yuuichi : Aaah... intriguing. So you find Yuzawa interesting...
Takashi : I'm not going to talk about him on our anniversary. I admit that he's a great actor, though. And also Tsumura-san. You get all excited when you're talking about them. Geez.
Yuuichi : Actually, you're the one who brought them up *grins*
Yuuichi : But you're right, let's not talk about them.
Yuuichi : How 'bout.... *climbs on top of the other man* ...we go for another round? *wiggles his eyebrows*

Takashi pouts a little but wraps his legs around Yuuichi's waist.

Takashi : You're not thinking that I'm still tired from before, are you?
Yuuichi : Sure, because everywhere on earth, 29 years old healthy men are dropping dead from excessive sex.
Takashi : *laughs*
Takashi : *leans in to kiss his boyfriend* Damn. You're one lucky bastard to have a boyfriend with a libido that match yours.
Yuuichi : Wow, thanks for the compliment, Takashi *lowers himself into a kiss*
Yuuichi : Now, let's see if we can set a standard for the next anniversary sex~~
Yuuichi : See, figured we'll find our resolution after all
Takashi : Oh, shut up *laughs and kisses Yuuichi hungryly*
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