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23 December 2008 @ 02:38 pm
I'm going to be cruel here... fufufufufu  
:: The Chronicle of TutixNagayan ::
The part 11 ~Do You Believe Me?~

starring :
tonomurajiro as Nagayama Takashi
scratchbook as Tsuchiya Yuuichi

setting :
The Apartment

timeline :
few weeks after Takashi moved in.

Takashi slumps his back against the elevator cubicle wall and sighs loudly. He drops the super big duffel bag to the floor, beside the brown suitcase and sighs once again as the cubicle brings him to his floor.

The watch around his left wrist shows that it's already morning. His body is exhausted. He decided to go straight home after his work has done. He didn't want to spend another night out of town after spending almost a week away from it and more importantly, away from Yuuichi. So he decided to go home immediately and took the last flight.

He really, really misses Yuuichi.

The elevator bings and door slides open. Takashi pulls himself and walks to their apartment door. He tries not to look too tire and beaten up as he pushes the doorbell - because he's too lazy to find for his keys which he's sure is so deep inside his bag and because he wants to surprise Yuuichi.

He pushes the bell once again, a small smile is on his lips, because he can clearly imagine Yuuichi is grunting at the moment, dragging his sleepy body to answer the door, and ready to throw some curses to the bastard who dare to disturb him this early in the morning.

The door latches click and it opens for him. Takashi smiles broadly,

Takashi : TADAI--- ma....

That isn't Yuuichi who answered the door. It's a man wearing only a huge blue towel around his hips. Body and hair wet which tell Takashi that the man is just finished or in the middle of bath by the time Takashi rings the bell. The man blinks at him. Takashi blinks back at the man.

It's Yuzawa. Half-naked. This early. In their apartment. Half-naked.

A heavy frown is quickly formed on his forehead and his voice is somewhat snappy as he speaks. He really doesn't need this right now.

Takashi : What are you doing in here?
Yuzawa : Ah, is that you, Nagayama-kun? *brushes his wet hair over the top of his head* I thought you wouldn't be home until this afternoon?

Takashi brushes the man aside as he enters.

Takashi : When I will be coming home is none of your business, actually. What are you doing here?
Yuzawa : *cringes and covers his ears a little with his fingers* Ugh... would you mind not being so loud? I'm still suffering from a major hangover here...

Yuzawa closes the door and walks back into the living room with the grace and casualness of someone who owns whichever room he is in. Droplet of waters mark his footstep as he moves languidly into the kitchen, over to the gleaming black coffee machine over a counter.

Yuzawa : *as he fiddles with the coffee machine* We left the bar really late last night, and Yuuichi was so beyond drunk he couldn't even tell his left foot from his right. I was drunk as hell too, but we managed to crash here somewhat safely... *laughs a little* that is if you don't count the incident when we almost tripped ourself into a trash bin. Want some coffee too?

Takashi's frown goes deeper, if that's even possible, and The Pout has taken its place on his lips. He doesn't like Yuzawa's existence there and act like he belongs there. This is his and Yuuichi's apartment.

Takashi shakes his head, flatly refusing the offer and cranes his neck.

Takashi : Where's Yuuichi?
Yuzawa : He's still asleep when I woke up *nods at the bedroom door* But I wouldn't disturb him now. He was so wasted last night, I can't even imagine the kind of hangover he'll be in when he wakes up...

Yuzawa pours coffee into a Yuuichi-labeled coffee cup and takes a sip. He closes his eyes and moans aloud.

Yuzawa : Shit, this is good stuff. Where do you guys get your coffee?

Takashi closes his eyes and rubs his temple. He really doesn't need right now. What the hell has he done so he has to get through this right now?

Takashi : It's the same coffee as everyone has. Look, I don't mean to be rude but can you... leave? *cringes* I'm kind of tired and I'd really appreciate not to have a guest at the moment and I really need my sleep...

Yuzawa stops sipping his coffee and raises an eyebrow.

Yuzawa : Yuuichi said I could stay for as long as I like... Well, it's true that if it wasn't for me, he wouldn't make it home early this morning...

Takashi sends a death glare to the older man.

Takashi : And I thank you for that. But this is also my home now and I can't rest if I know there's someone else roaming about in here... I'm sure you can understand that.

Yuzawa stares right into those eyes and sees something he realizes he should't mess with. It irks him that he's being thrown out of the apartment like this, when he's the one who has known Tsuchiya the longest.

Slowly, he puts the half-full cup on the kitchen counter, still staring at Takashi.

Yuzawa : Got it. I forgot that the time when I could come and go as I please in Yuuichi's home is over. I'll get my stuff.

He disappears for a moment into the main bedroom, and when he comes out from there a few minutes later, he's already dressed and ready to go.

As he walks out to leave the apartment, out of the anger of being thrown out rather unceremoniously into the cold air of the early morning outside, Yuzawa flashes a smug smile at the glowering Takashi.

Yuzawa : Oh, right, don't forget to tell Yuuichi that he can keep the underwear I bought him last night. It suits him very...nice.

With his tongue-in-cheek manner, Yuzawa leaves the building delighted with his petty victory.

Takashi slams the door close with a loud bang, causing the wall rattles a bit. He's breathing eratically and his face is hot because of anger. Just when he needs the most is his lover, he had to face the very person he doesn't want to meet in times and situation like this.

He then rushes to their bedroom just to find what he fears to be right. The futon is a mess, like it's been slept on by two people. And Yuuichi is lying there, sprawled on his back, wearing only a black brief Takashi doesn't recognize and the blanket is entangle between his feet.

He bites his bottom lip so hard before turning around and slams the door close behind him. How dare he slept on their futon, used their bathroom, made coffee with their cofee-maker, and used Yuuichi's cup so casually?

Long strides and some stomping bring him to the kitchen. He pours out the coffee to the sink, even though it's a waste but Takashi just feel like he needs to get rid of and clean everything that Yuzawa had touch or made. He turns on the tap and rubs the coffee jar and Yuuichi's mug like a mad man.

The bedroom door opens slowly, letting out a very worn-out looking Yuuichi. His hair sticks out to every direction possible, without seemingly obeying the rules of gravity. His face is a little pale, and maybe green around the edges, with a pillow mark decorating most of his left cheek. His eyes are heavy-lidded and hazy with sleep. He is still only in his black brief, absent-mindedly scratching the left cheek of his buttocks.

Yuuichi : *still hoarse from sleep* ...What was that?
Takashi : *doesn answer, still scrubbing like mad*

Yuuichi squints at the figure scrubbing busily in the kitchen.

Yuuichi : Takashi, 'zzat you?

Takashi scrubs some more before finally rinses the dishes and puts them on the rack. He fully turns to Yuuichi and sends another glare to the black brief.

Takashi : Take that off.

Yuuichi scratches the side of his face and blinks slowly at Takashi.

Yuuichi : What?
Takashi : Hang over doesn't make you deaf, Yuuichi. Take the boxer off.

Yuuichi tilts his head slightly, eyeing the other man curiously.

Yuuichi : You're in a weird mood... Did something happen?
Takashi : Did something happen? Yes! Something happened! I went home straight from work, not even bother to take a rest just to see my partner but guess what? Another person opened the door for me, naked! And he acted like he had the right to act like he lives in here! Now, take that off!
Yuuichi : *cringes, massages his temples* ...Ugh, not so loud, Takashi... I can barely hear you with this headache...
Yuuichi : You're not going to get some with that kind of tone, you know... *smirks sleepily*
Takashi : Then you should think twice before getting yourself so wasted!! And I'm not trying to get some!! Just take that off!

Takashi rubs his own temple because he starts to really wearing out and he can't think clearly at the moment. He only need to get that blasted boxer off Yuuichi, burn it, and he'll go to sleep.

Yuuichi : *starts to get annoyed with Takashi's loud voice* Do you really have to yell at me? My head feels like it's splitting here!
Yuuichi : Had you asked so nicely, I'd be happy to take it off. You're not making any sense...
Yuuichi : *starts turning around to return to the bedroom*

Takashi's mouth gaps open in disbelieve but he quickly shuts his mouth again and bangs his fist against the kitchen counter.

Takashi : I'm not making any sense? Hah! Look who's talking here! You got drunk and you let someone else in our bedroom!! Our bedroom, Yuuichi! And you're wearing the underwear he bought you!
Takashi : And you said I'm not making any sense?!

Yuuichi stops in his track. Slowly, he turns around to stare at the other man again.

Yuuichi : Be very careful of what you're going to say next, Takashi. I really don't appreciate what you might think had happened here.
Yuuichi : You must be very tired. Get some sleep and we'll talk about it later, when we're both in a better state.

He returns the stare with the same intensity.

Takashi : *hisses* I think I know perfectly well what had happened.
Takashi : Yeah, like we have time to talk about this when I wake up *snorts*

Takashi strides to the guestroom and slams the door close behind him. He throws his body to the bed and buries his face into the pillow. He lets out a long and loud angry shout into the pillow while punching on the mattress.

He becomes breathless the next minute and feels even more terrible and angry. He muffles some more shouts before willing himself to go to sleep.

Yuuichi groans loudly, cradling his throbbing head in his hands. The noises do an incredibe job to split his head in two and tear at his brains. The seething anger that burns his chest doesn't make the situation any better. Cranky and infuriated, he stomps his way back into his bedroom and slams the door close, just as loud and furious as Takashi did, regretting his action very much when the noise he makes seems enough to kill him on the spot.

Stupid, possessive, high-maintenance bastard... is the last thing that crosses his mind before he gives in to the heavy pressure of half-drunken sleep.


A few hours of more restless sleep and a cup of coffee later finds Yuuichi sitting on his small dining table, quietly lamenting on the terrific headache and nausea that always follow a night of wild bar-hopping. Especially with Yuzawa as his companion, last night beats most of the other drunken nights he's had before. He nurses his second cup of coffee, while a plate of scrambled eggs and toast rest half-consumed in front of him.

From above his steaming cup, he cast his glance across the apartment, at the closed door of the guestroom.

He frowns. What the hell was that? He somewhat remembers Takashi exploding like a prodded land-mine over...what, the black brief he was wearing? It was rather confusing to him, until he awokes not long ago and realized that Yuzawa's disappearance and Takashi's burst of outrage was obviously connected. The black brief he was wearing helped only to worsen the misunderstanding.

He rests his cup back on the table. Picking up the second plate of scrambled eggs and toast that has been laying abandoned in front of his own plate, Yuuichi approaches the closed door.

He knocks gently on the door.

Yuuichi : Takashi...


The knock on the door brings him back from his slumber. Takashi shifts a little, opens his eyes, and blinks at the unfamiliar room. He blinks and then he remembers that he's been sleeping in the guestroom and that he's still mad at Yuuichi.

He groans softly. It's so tempting to just open the door and buries himself inside his lover's embrace. But he can't get rid of the memory of seeing Yuzawa opened the door for him, naked, and of Yuzawa's smug smirk just before he left.

He ignores the knock and the gentle calling of his name. He really doesn't want to see Yuuichi right now. It hurts just imagining what Yuuichi and Yuzawa had done last night.

Stupid Yuuichi.


Yuuichi knocks again, a little louder this time.

Yuuichi : Takashi, your breakfast is getting cold...

Takashi groans again. He presses his face against the pillow.

Takashi : Go away, Yuuichi...
Yuuichi : You sure? It's scrambled eggs and toast, one of your favorites...
Takashi : Leave me alone!

Yuuichi stares at the door handle, assured that the door is locked, knowing Takashi's current mood. But he tries pushing it anyway.

The door swings open.

Blinking, Yuuichi considers the merit of going in there. What if Takashi throw the breakfast at his face instead?

He cranes his neck, peeking around the slightly opened door, looking for the other man. He finds him lying on the guest bed.

Yuuichi : Takashi?

Takashi curses into the pillow. So stupid of him to forget to lock the door. He quickly turns his back to his partner.

Takashi : Go away... *moans*
Yuuichi : Fine. But don't waste a good plate of eggs and toast, ne? Here, I'll put them here, by the door.

He shifts into the room to put the plate on top of a dresser by the door. He slips out of the room again and closes the door behind him.

As he hears the door is closed with a soft click, Takashi sits up slowly. He really hates feeling like this. But he has every right to be mad, right?

His eyes fall to the plate on top of the dresser and for once, even though he's hungry, he doesn't feel like eating anything. In fact, he's a bit nauseatic right now.

And just then, the image of the half-naked Yuzawa and that smug smirk decide to pop on his mind and Takashi jumps off the bed. He rushes to the bathroom, passing the startled Yuuichi, and retching over the sink.

Yuuichi follows suit to the bathroom and leans against the doorway, a worried look is on his face.

Yuuichi : ...Have you eaten anything since last night?
Takashi : *coughs* *shakes his head*

Takashi squeezes his eyes shut and washes his mouth. As he wipes his face, his eyes catch Yuuichi's reflection in the mirror, standing behind him with a worried look which Takashi is sure would be a whole lot calming if he's not so mad and irritated and hurt.

Takashi : *coughs*

He averts his eyes away for a second before fixing them again on Yuuichi, still through the mirror. Anger, accusation, hurt, disappointment, questions are all in his eyes.

Yuuichi : *stares back at the other man in the mirror* ...We should talk.

He reaches for the hand towel by the sink and passes it over to Takashi.

Yuuichi : Come on, we'll talk while you eat.
Takashi : *takes the towel and wipes his face slowly* I don't feel like eating... and I don't think that there's something to talk about...
Yuuichi : *frowns* ...You really believe that?
Yuuichi : At least get something warm into your stomach. How about some hot chocolate?
Takashi : ............*bites his lower lip*......... I need coffee...
Takashi : and no, I don't believe that.
Takashi : I just... don't want to talk.

His shoulder bumps against Yuuichi's chest as he walks out of the bathroom and to the kitchen, serving a cup of coffee for himself.

Yuuichi follows his lover quietly into the kitchen, after picking up Takashi's abandoned breakfast from the guest room. He sits on a stool behind the island counter, putting Takashi's breakfast on the table and whipping out a cigarette, which he lights. Wordlessly, he lays his eyes on the worn-out figure of his beloved.

Takashi hates it if Yuuichi is looking at him like he does right now. Those eyes make him feel like he's being stupid and irrational and the urge to run away somewhere. Takashi pouts heavily at this. He's not being stupid nor irrational. And why the hell he's the one who wants to run away? He's not the one at fault here.

He sips on his cofee slowly, refusing to look at his lover as he leans his back against the kitchen counter.

Yuuichi : ...How was your flight last night?
Takashi : ...fine...
Yuuichi : Was any of your schedule cancelled? You were supposed to be home later this afternoon, weren't you?
Takashi : Was the fact that I was supposed to be home later this afternoon gave you the right to fool around with someone else?
Yuuichi : *blinks*
Yuuichi : That's... really not the reason why I ask that question...
Takashi : And you're not answering me...
Yuuichi : *frowns* ...I'm going to pretend I didn't hear what you just asked me because it's so ridiculously not true.
Takashi : ..............*sips on his coffee again*
Yuuichi : *blows a mouthful of smoke into the air*
Yuuichi : ...Aren't you even going to ask me before you accuse me further?
Takashi : Aren't you even going to answer me seriously?
Yuuichi : ...I don't see the sense in answering a question like that when you're like this. That is, if that question even worths being listened to.
Yuuichi : The problem is, no matter what I say, you're not going to be convinced. So, let me ask you again, do you trust me?
Takashi : *takes a deep breath* I do trust you. But what do you expect me to say or react when I finished my job early and took the last flight just so I could see you and instead I found someone naked opening the door for me?

Takashi bites his lower lip again because his view starts to blur.

Takashi : I was tired and all I wanted was to see you... *voice starts to crack* *speaks softly* ...Tell me, why do I have to work so hard making some distance with a friend because I don't want to hurt your feeling again while you don't even bother doing the same thing for me?
Takashi : Why did you even let him sleep on our bed, Yuuichi?

Yuuichi rubs his temples harshly. The mad throbbing in his skull hasn't been completely gone. In fact, it's been increasing for the past few minutes.

Yuuichi : I didn't let him sleep on our bed.
Yuuichi : I was totally, completely, to-hell-and-back heavily drunk.
Yuuichi : I found out that we shared a bed together very early this morning, when I woke up to throw up in the bathroom.
Yuuichi : But that's the thing, Takashi. We were both very wasted. We only crashed in the bedroom and slept.
Takashi : How do you even sure about that? You're half-naked yourself.... and that underwear.... *Takashi sips on his coffee again, swallowing a lump in his throat*
Yuuichi : ...What underwear?
Yuuichi : *tilts his head*
Takashi : That black brief you wore this morning. He bought that for you, right? *looks down to his feet*
Yuuichi : ....Those aren't mine?
Yuuichi : When did he buy them for me?
Yuuichi : *frowns confusedly*

Takashi's head raises quickly and he throws a disbelieving look to his lover.

Takashi : Right. He bought you a thong and he put it on you while you're wasted. Right.
Takashi : Right. Nothing happened, indeed. Right.
Yuuichi : No, wait a minute.... *scratches his head*
Yuuichi : ............!! *looks as if he remembers something*
Yuuichi : Wait... I think... I remember...
Takashi : You remember what? That you actually put it on yourself and showed it off to him?

His grip on his mug tightens until the tip of his fingers turn white but Takashi quickly puts the mug down on the counter before he breaks it. But the mug clanks loudly against the counter's surface.

Takashi : Dammit, Yuuichi!
Yuuichi : ...Geez, Takashi, can't you even have a tinny bit of trust for me?
Yuuichi : I don't really remember how I could have the thing on me, but I do remember we went into a konbini to buy it because I've spilled beer all over my lap. I think... if I remember correctly *rubs his temples again* I whined a lot about my underwear being wet and Yuzawa got me those pair of briefs. Which was really stupid, because I wore it under my beer-spilled jeans, so the new pair was no less dry than the old ones...
Yuuichi : You can't really question the logic of two drunken men... *sips his cigarette again*
Takashi : I can't, can I?
Takashi : ...............................
Yuuichi : ....No, I guess, you can't.
Takashi : I guess I can't even question how did you end up sleeping in your brief only and what the hell happened while you slept together on OUR bed so he could so smugly told me that you looked really nice in that damn brief, can I?
Takashi : *laughs sarcastically* I guess I can't even question about anything from the beginning...
Yuuichi : ........ *sighs heavily* ......No....
Yuuichi : I'm sorry you had to come home to this... I didn't intend for things to end up like this. I mean, we were just having fun last night...
Yuuichi : But is it so hard for you to believe that nothing really happened? This is Yuzawa, one of my oldest friends... It's like... you and Kime.
Takashi : Me and Kime?
Yuuichi : Yeah. You guys are friends. ...Right?
Takashi : Of course we're friends!
Takashi : The thing is, Yuuichi, Kime won't ever say to you those kind of words Yuzawa has told me!
Yuuichi : .....Don't be so sure, Takashi.... This is Kime we're talking about here. The guy flirts with everything that walks on two legs...
Takashi : What? Are you saying that I have no right to question your earlier situation with Yuzawa because I have Kime as my friend?
Yuuichi : Damn it, Takashi, stop twisting everything I say! That's not what I meant!
Takashi : Then stop bringing someone else into this!
Takashi : Just how in the world you expect me to think that nothing happened?
Takashi : He was naked! And you were naked too!
Takashi : Damn it, Yuuichi!
Yuuichi : Is it so impossible for two adult guys to share a bed together without really doing anything else but sleep?
Yuuichi : Not every men is out there to fuck me, Takashi!

Takashi glowers at his lover and he pulls himself away from the kitchen counter.

Takashi : This is Yuzawa, Yuuichi! You've admitted you've been fooling around with him once!
Yuuichi : But I DIDN'T do anything with him last night! God, Takashi!
Yuuichi : It was a drunken mistake. If I weren't drunk, I would've kicked him out of the bedroom...

He raises from his chair and pulls off his pants. He takes off the blasted underwear and throws it on the table.

Yuuichi : There! Burn it if you like, I don't care!

As much as he really wants to burn that damn thing, Takashi remains still at where he's standing. He fixes his eyes to his lover, feeling even angrier than before and many things that he doesn't even know he's capable of feeling at the moment.

Without saying another word, he approches his lover, staring dead straight to Yuuichi's eyes and slaps him on the cheek.

And he turns around, going back to the guest room. This time, he makes sure to lock the door.

The shock of the slap hits him harder than the pain itself. Ignoring the bright spots in his eyes from the effect, he sits down on his chair again, craddling his splitting head with his hands.

When his eyes caught the sight of his lover's cold breakfast, he makes a big sweep with his hand across the table, sending the plate and the abandoned food on it flying across the room. The plate falls with a crushing sound a step away from the locked guestroom door, breaking into a hundred of painted ceramic pieces.

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denkira: nagayan_hyperdenkira on January 24th, 2009 10:08 pm (UTC)
OMG, there is a new one *_________* Yatta, yatta, yatta, I love you twoo~~~~ ♥ It's so so so amazingly wonderful, so like them *_____* I can't stop going kyaaa now ^__^

But you can't end it like that!!! You caaaan't *whines* When is the next part gonna come? XD Thanks so much for bringing that joy into my life ♥